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Customer Ordered A Box Of McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets Only To Find Diced Onions


Customer Ordered A Box Of McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets Only To Find Diced Onions

‘Bloody onions.’

A McDonald’s customer has been left dumbfounded with her drive-through experience. The woman [unnamed] ordered six chicken nuggets but was disappointed to find diced onions as she opened the box. This year, this isn’t the first time onions have taken the place of chicken nuggets. 

And of the unwelcome surprise, the woman posted pictures on Facebook for proof.

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She captioned it: “Went to the drive-through tonight. Ordered six nuggets and got this instead. Bloody onions.”  Back in June, a Facebook, Billy Allen, living in the mid-western US state of Indiana, had posted a photo of a chicken McNuggets Happy Meal box filled with raw chopped onion. At the time, a commenter pointed out the same thing happened to his mother.

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The best surprise ever found in a box of chicken McNuggets was Karsyn Long. The Illinois-based had found an engagement ring in a box of her favorite snack. Her boyfriend Kristian Helton had placed the jewelry among the chicken pieces and wrote, “Will You McMarry Me? On the underneath of the box in 2017.

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McDonald’s has since apologized for the strange mistake in the McDonald’s chicken nuggets box.

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A spokesperson told Yahoo: “At McDonald’s, we’re committed to giving our customers a great experience every time they visit one of our restaurants. Of course, if a customer receives an incorrect order, we will happily replace this for them. We apologize for the inconvenience and encourage the customer to contact our Customer Service Team so we can look into it in more detail.” 

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