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Curvy Model Urges Women To Stop Believing They’re ‘Too Fat’ To Wear A Bikini


Curvy Model Urges Women To Stop Believing They’re ‘Too Fat’ To Wear A Bikini

“All bodies belong in a bikini.”

Clothes are made to cover our body, and over time, it advances in a fashion that allows people to express themselves. Who dares to make rules that only certain types of people can wear certain clothes?


The notion of “bikini body” had made a lot of people apprehensive when they wanted to wear a bikini. And unrealistic beauty standards make people think they look horrible when what they have is what’s considered true beauty.

Sick of this, Tatum Blinn shows that as a curvy, plus-size model, bikinis are for everyone, not just size 2 and below.

“When I see other girls say they can wear a two-piece because of their tummy,” she wrote in her video. “All bodies belong in a bikini.”

“It feels so good to feel good in your own skin,” she shared with her followers about her body positivity journey. “Not restricting myself to fit a beauty standard that was never meant for me. Live your life, eat what makes you feel good, and treat yourself with kindness.”


People swarmed in with encouraging words for her, “Wear that bikini you cutie patootie. I love you ladybug.”

“You are gorgeous! Slay that bikini babe!” wrote another.

Some couldn’t even help themselves from falling for her gorgeous curves, “Because you are a goddess.”


Unfortunately, her videos are often riddled with people who simply had hates plus-size people. Unfazed and determined to create a positive vibe, she told people under the clip, “My account is a safe space. All fatphobic comments will be deleted, and you will be blocked.”

The Southern Californian model with over 85.8k followers on Instagram isn’t shy to show that she also has a man who loves her for who she is!


“No, no, no,” she gestured in the video. Rock that bikini!

@tatumblinn I wanna see bellies in bikinis this summer #bodypositivity #plussizemodel #size16 #plussizeinfluencer #plussizebikini #curvemodel #plussize Ah ah ah – kriptozavr

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