Coke Releases New Vanilla Float Flavor And Everyone Loves It

Coke Launches New Vanilla Float Flavor And Everyone Loves It

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Do you love coke and is obsessed with all the wide variety of flavor they’ve been releasing? Well, one of their hottest new flavor is the vanilla float flavored coke. This new flavor is released for the Japanese market.

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As anyone who’s been a little bit into their culture, knows that Japanese loves to try out new flavors, even unusual ones, on everything. Did you know that there are 100 flavors of coke and a lot of Japan-exclusive tastes are only available for seasonal times?

Vanilla Float flavored-coke, currently exclusive to Japan!

Luckily, you don’t have to be in Japan to try them out. Yes, you’re guessing it right, you can get these cokes shipped right to your front door. Some sites have this listed at $4.99 each plus shipping. You can definitely get a few cans to even out the shipping or even get some friends to split it.

Since a lot of us won’t be going anywhere this summer, might as well order now and have it delivered just in time to enjoy the heat. At your porch. With a can of coke that has never been seen anywhere else to show-off on the internet for some points.