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Ciara Announced Her Third Child’s On The Way In A Stunning Bikini Long-Shot By Husband


Ciara Announced Her Third Child’s On The Way In A Stunning Bikini Long-Shot By Husband

Proud parents.

Ciara caught us all surprised with a big baby bump on her most recent Instagram post. She was in a bright orange bikini while vacationing in the Turks and Caicos Islands and the view was exquisite. But that wasn’t a surprise.

Ciara has got quite the baby bump there and is announcing that her third child is on the way!


She added the caption ‘Number 3’ on her post and included that her husband took this gorgeous long-shot. It got followers and fellow celebrities share in the beautiful moment as they share congratulatory messages. Khloé Kardashian also left her a comment, “Congratulations!!!! What a beautiful blessing!!!”

This will quarterback second child with Ciara in their 4-year marriage and the third for Ciara. Ciara had her first child, Future Zahir from her relationship with ex Future. She welcomed her second child in 2017, Sienna, with current husband Wilson.

Previously, she got really excited for her first child with Wilson, she literally danced to it. Needless to say, Ciara, the singer nailed that dance and it’s why we stan her as singer, celebrity, and mom.

What a gorgeous family! Ciara

What’s funny about this announcement was that Ciara had actually revealed it weeks ago.


Two weeks ago she posted a picture of herself in winter looks, which means she had a thick jacket, pants, boots, and gloves on. The caption reads ‘#3’ and while several people thought it meant the third child, others weren’t convinced as she doesn’t look pregnant at all.

Guess she thought she might need a much clearer image because her announcement went by unnoticed. Anyways, congratulations to the Wilson family!

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