Cat Plays Piano To Ask For Food And He's Gone Viral

Cat Plays Piano To Ask For Food And He’s Gone Viral

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Almost the size of a chunk, Winslow loves to eat, like any other cat. He’ll ring for food non-stop and for that snack even when he’s just eaten. His mom Kate Nyx decided to film him asking for dinner… 2 hours before dinnertime on his piano.


Long story short, Kate being the musician she is, has let his bean play the piano since he was young. This is her life with Winslow.


And yes! His single has dropped on and you can buy the album or send it as a gift to a cat lover friend.

Kate explains why her bean plays the piano and what it’s for.


Essentially, she rings it anytime she needs her human slave to serve her. What a perfect training for the human, if I may say!


Kate got her a piano when she was in high school from eBay. “He started showing interest in the piano when he was a baby, playing the notes and looking underneath trying to find where they were coming from,” explained Kate.

Here’s how people reacted.