Bridezilla's 37 Crazy Rules For Her Bridesmaids Sent The Internet In Confusion

Bridezilla’s 37 Crazy Rules For Her Bridesmaids Sent The Internet In Confusion

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Every bride wants a perfect wedding. Everyone wants their one special day to go the way they want and would take any precautions necessary to prevent external interferences. This, however, may have led to the birth of bridezillas who essentially wants their flawless party at the expense of everyone else.


Who doesn’t want to have their wedding as the most unforgettable day ever for good reasons?

Setting up expectations is a great way for everyone to have fun without unintentionally annoying someone at the party. Such as whether children are welcome there, if accommodations are affordable, and the dress code they should wear.

This bridezilla, though, set up 37 rules for her bridesmaids to follow if they want to become part of her special day. Obviously, these rules don’t include the rules she probably has in separate for the guests.

Sit back and enjoy reading the “Bridesmaid Contract.”

1. I will not try to convince the bride to change anything at her wedding.
2. I will not talk negatively about anyone at the wedding.
3. I will not gain more than 3 kg between now and the wedding.
4. I will wear only black or dark brown hair on the day of the wedding (highlights may be accepted with prior approval).
5. I cannot wear any lashes on the day of the wedding unless professionally installed.
6. I have to attend the bridal shower and bachelorette party, fitting and rehearsals, and wedding (only time this can be missed is death or jail, pregnancy over five months, and some sickness with a recent doctor’s note).
7. I will take care of my skin, hair, and nails from now until the wedding.


8. The bride will choose my make-up artist on the day of the wedding.
9. I will agree to wear the dress the bride chooses regardless of my own opinions, style, or color.
10. I will not wear any extra accessories, items of clothing, or jewelry on the day of the wedding except my wedding or engagement ring.
11. I will not intentionally fall pregnant before the wedding. (Pregnancy under five months will not be excused from attending wedding events).
12. I will support the bride in everything she chooses.
13. I will not consume more than seven units of alcohol during any event except the bachelorette party (there will be no limit).
14. I will not bring a date to a wedding or reception without bridal approval.
15. I will not bring any outside people, except kids, to any meeting.
16. I will not bring my kids to the wedding unless they are a part of the wedding party (no exceptions).
17. I will make sure I have an accountable babysitter the day of all events and I understand that no show for no babysitter will not be an acceptable excuse.
18. I will not make any advances towards males at the wedding party.
19. I will not date anyone at the wedding party that I wasn’t dating before I signed this contract.
20. I will be happy and positive at all times during weddings and receptions.
21. I will not grow sensitive and angry with the bride because I understand that she has a bossy attitude.


22. I will not attempt to outdo the bride in any way.
23. I will wear the hairstyle the bride chooses for the wedding day.
24. I understand that I have to purchase my own dress and shoes and hairstyle for the wedding.
25. I understand that the bachelorette party may be a destination getaway.
26. I understand that I have to purchase a bachelorette party T-shirt and fund my own trip if it is away.
27. I understand that the maid and matron of honour will need help funding some of the events. The wedding and reception are not included.
28. I understand that the bride does not want any suggestion and this agreement is on here twice, two different ways because the bride wants it to be clear. Only suggestion allowed is a way to get her exact item at a cheaper price.
29. I will not drop out of the wedding party for any of the reasons listed above. If I do not like anything listed, I will not sign the contract and I will be replaced. I understand that I do not agree to the above terms it will not ruin the bride and I’s friendship. But if I sign and agree and later want to drop out, then it will ruin our friendship.
30. I understand that no friendship to the bride is bigger than anyone in her wedding party and everyone will be treated equally.
31. I understand that I may have to do physical activity at the reception and this requires practices provided by the bride.
32. No coloured contact lenses allowed.
33. No black drawn-on eyebrows or thick drawn-on (matter of fact, revert back to make-up law above).
34. No glossy coloured lipstick allowed (the kind that looks very, very shiny and bright).
35. No colourful nails the day of the wedding. Only colours allowed are American, French or Nudes.
36. I will provide the bride with my normal seven-day schedule within five days of signing this contract.
37. I will agree to save at least $50 a month for expenses for the next $14 months.

Congratulations for reaching this far, whether you finished reading that list or not. We can assure you that you won’t sign the contract past the third point, like the four women who refused to.


The bride claims that six people signed and agreed to the rules as she didn’t budge on any of them and “refused to be stressed.”

People are just utterly confused and shocked that there are people who agreed. One commented, “Am I reading this right? Just ridiculous. And I can’t believe six people signed it!”

“I would screw this contract up and throw it in the brides’ face. What an idiot,” reads another.

A Reddit user shared her own insight after spending $27k on her wedding party 15 years ago.


“It’s easier to stay happy by figuring out what really matters than figuring out how to control the day,” the woman shared.

“You don’t need everyone to look a certain way. They are different people. Whether they all wear the same hairstyle or all rainbow streaks with random shaved parts in their heads, a good photographer will catch the feeling of love and happiness. That will make the photos good regardless of the rest.”

She also highly suggests getting a good wedding photographer because the pictures you get from them would be pretty much what you’re left with after the event.


She added, “Scale back on your expectations for your wedding party. You should want them to say, ‘I’m so glad I got to stand with my friend.’ You should not do anything that would make them say, ‘I’m so sad about everything I had to give up for a year just to stand with my friend.'”

But most importantly? “Try to focus on the lifetime of marriage that follows.”

People couldn’t help but wonder how did six people sign it.