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Bride Orders Peacock Cake Left In Tears After Baker Delivers A ‘Lop-Sided Turkey With Leprosy’


Bride Orders Peacock Cake Left In Tears After Baker Delivers A ‘Lop-Sided Turkey With Leprosy’

Refused to give a refund!

The opposite of a beautiful peacock is what a bride who ordered a $300 Peacock-shaped cake has gotten for her special day.

The Georgia-based bride, who goes by the name Rena Davis, 52, contacted a local baker in the town of Griffin to come up with a whimsical peacock cake designs she saw online.

A night before her wedding, the bride, however, burst into floods of tears after the unscrupulous baker showed up with a horrifying-looking cake that appeared nothing close to the original request.

Bride Rena Davis, 52, pictured with her new husband Dennis, said she was ‘heartbroken’ after the cake baker and designer showed up with a horrendous cake

Rena’s friend took to Facebook to warn other brides-to-be about the scamming ‘cake decorator’ who swindled them $300

The Georgia-based bride has originally requested a wedding cake that looked like a version of this design

Instead of baking a peacock with a swirling tail, the baker brought in a ‘turkey with leprosy.’  Reacting, a close friend of the devastated bride took to Facebook to shame the baker, warning others online about the imposter who’s trying to be a qualified cake decorator.’

The friend, Annette Davis Hill also remembered that another friend of the bride had reached out to the baker with the image of the ordered cake and asked if the recreate could have two birds instead of one.  The baker had equally responded saying she’s up for the task and would cost only $300.

The so-called ‘professional’ cake decorator showed up with a transparent frosted creation, far from the instructions she was given 

Rena received the below design from the baker, for which she had paid $300

Due to the weight of the ‘bird’ being unsupported, its head kept toppling over

However, Rena (the bride) had her cake delivered to her house at 6 PM, a night before the main day. But was completely horrified after opening the box, although the baker had run for the hills.

Adding more salt to Rena’s injury, the baker when called told the angry bride, she didn’t see anything wrong with the cake. Besides not getting the peacock design, the cake wasn’t covered with a white fondant as requested and the buttercream frosting was also cracked. More shockingly, the baker has refused to refund the bride.

Rena and Dennis didn’t let the cake mishap rain at the wedding celebrations 

Rena reportedly had to make do with a chocolate cake she found on the morning

Rena’s friend revealed on Facebook that the bride had run around town on the morning of the wedding to find a backup cake 

Friends and family joined the couple for the ceremony in Griffin, Georgia 

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