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Bride Opted For Her 4 Grandmas As Flower Girls And They Totally Nailed It


Bride Opted For Her 4 Grandmas As Flower Girls And They Totally Nailed It

The Grandmas obviously did it better!!

For every soon-to-be-wife, what makes a wedding a memorable one is the kind of people around at the moment in time.

And now, it will interest you to know that if you can’t get your girlfriends as bridesmaid, and flower-girls, your grandmas can perform the magic.

This was what a Tennessee couple did when they finally tied the knot after courting for two years. The result was tremendously perfect.

While flower girls are mainly associated with adorable little girls, a bride has opted for her four lovely grandmas. Excited, the grandmas were happy about the unconventional twist by accepting the offer.

More info: Natalie Caho Photography

A Tennesse Couple has decided to add a little twist on their wedding day

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 Natalie Caho Photography

‘Love is a flower you have to let grow,’ John Lennon once said. So is the love that brought the Tennessee couple, Tanner and Lyndsey Raby to the altar on the 22nd of September, 2019. Well, there’s no wedding that passes by without a little surprise, hence it’s safe to say that this pair wedding celebration is no exception.

The couple asked their grandmas to be the flower girls at the wedding

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 Natalie Caho Photography

The eldest of the flower girl was the bride’s 90-year-old great-grandmother

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 Natalie Caho Photography

‘I felt so honored to have them all here, so I wanted them to be engaged too.’ Lyndsey said.

The great-grandmother was joined by the bride’s 70, 76-year old grandmas

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 Natalie Caho Photography

And the 70-Year-Old grandma of the groom

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 Natalie Caho Photography

Seeing all of the grandmas was a special appearance to everyone present at the wedding

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 Natalie Caho Photography

Lyndsey, the bride had wanted to have the grandmas involved since the day she got engaged

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 Natalie Caho Photography

And as planned, Lyndsey wishes enfolds beautifully

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 Natalie Caho Photography

Bride and Her Bridesmaids

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 Natalie Caho Photography

Natalie Caho, the photographer who shared a picture of the flower-girls on her Instagram revealed she had seen a lot of cute girls, but the four grandmas took the stage.

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