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Bride Interrupts Speech To Tell 6 Confused Police Officers To Stand Behind Groom


Bride Interrupts Speech To Tell 6 Confused Police Officers To Stand Behind Groom

Thank you, for your appreciation that applies to every officer in this world.

“Brave, courageous, headstrong, heroes, role-models, selfless,” says a happy bride who gave her to-be husband a surprise tribute. People did not imagine this was going to be a tear-jerking moment, but they definitely should have seen it coming.

“All these gentlemen standing up here are brothers in one way or another.”

James the police officer was celebrating one of his life’s biggest milestones when his bride asked for his six friends who are all officers to stand with him. In a touching speech, the bride gave more than a 3-minute speech to appreciate the sacrifice that these people have given.

For most of us, we don’t encounter people who carry weapon with them all the time. In most countries, carrying a weapon is not even allowed, but even so, officers are always faced with the unknown. In every country, there are always officers putting their lives on the line to protect strangers.

“These officers are afraid. They’re not afraid because they’re cowards. But because what flashes in front of their eyes is everything they have to lose; their families, everything that’s important to them,” says the bride as she held back tears.

“They stick it out and see it through.” Can you see through this video without crying?

So the lovely small surprise was the bride is giving out to everyone a $3 Dunkin’ Donuts gift card to be shared with an officer in the community to show appreciation and respect.

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