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Bodybuilder Gets 10 Stitches On The Face After A Gym Stunt Gone Horribly Wrong


Bodybuilder Gets 10 Stitches On The Face After A Gym Stunt Gone Horribly Wrong

“How I destroyed my face.”

A bodybuilder known for doing all kinds of shenanigans with his strength by pulling unusual lifts and pushing things to the extreme shared that he’d just injured himself pretty seriously after one of his stunts.

Bradley Martyn wrote on his Instagram page, “Posting in 5 mins how I destroyed my face, it’s been 12 years since I been filming stupid lifting videos. I finally got got.”

He definitely got got pretty hard there as his shaking hands couldn’t hold up the weight and the woman that stood on her well. The stunt was probably meant to have the woman do something before he let her go back down from the weight plate. But his grip went loose for a bit, and she crashed down on him with the weight smacking him on the face.

bodybuilder stunt went wrong 1 1

The video has reached over 17.1 million views on TikTok, with Bradley still managing to crack a joke with the accident, “POV: Dropping your phone on your face…”

bodybuilder stunt went wrong 2 1

Some had gone and laughed along with him, as it’s a mutual understanding that he knew what he was getting himself into.

One hilariously commented, “This is why I whisper nice things to my plateweights everyday!… you never know when one is just going to flip on you.”

Another wrote, “Thats what you get for turning the gym into a circus.”

“Darwin Award Finalist. Glad ur ok dude!” joked another.

Then Bradley revealed himself in the comment section, “10 stitches lol.”

Aside from the stitches, his face and the woman were otherwise unharmed during this stunt.

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