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Blushing Woman Tried Clingy Dress For First Time And Shared Her ‘Feelings’


Blushing Woman Tried Clingy Dress For First Time And Shared Her ‘Feelings’

“Well, I suppose it’s a look, maybe with tights.”

Cia has never found an outfit that perfectly fits her hourglass figure. Her newest attempt, which she suspected would go down well yet again, left her gobsmacked as the dress left her feeling naked. In her TikTok, she showed herself wearing a normal dress that fits around her hips but sags around her waist where there are inches of excessive material.

Cia’s hourglass figure has since made it impossible for her to find bodycon dresses that hug her curves.

“I love this dress, it’s the best-fitting I’ve ever found, but it quite clearly doesn’t fit,” Cia said before telling her audiences that she will experiment with a green Fashion Nova dress from the Snatched and Contoured range, which is designed for women with an hourglass figure. Just as she changed into the dress, she covered her face in her hands and said: “It fits. I’m basically naked.”

But until she stumbled across Fashion Nova’s Snatched and Contoured range.

image 11
via cia_eclectica/TikTok

The TikToker had thought she had finally found a dress [pink] that might fit her and was excited.

@cia_eclectica I fear I may have bodyconned a little too close to the sun #fyp #lol #fashion ♬ original sound – Cia 🌸

Cia then stepped back, showed the figure-tightening dress cling to her body, and even showed her navel. She added, giggling: “Well, I suppose it’s a look, maybe with tights.” So far, the video has been watched over 2million times and has even been shared by Fashion Nova. In the comments, views gushed over how good she looked.

Eventually, Cia was shocked at how well the dress [pictured] hugged her hourglass curves.

1 18
via cia_eclectica/TikTok

The dress left little to the imagination and even showed off the curve of her belly button.

image 2 5
via cia_eclectica/TikTok

“Well … it fits. I’m basically naked. I suppose that’s a look. Maybe if I put on tights,” Cia said.

2 17
via cia_eclectica/TikTok

One person wrote: “Looks great! Came here from Instagram to see the final results! Didn’t disappoint.” Another said: “You’re not naked but instead beautiful, and oops, we can see through.” While a third stated: “She doesn’t know how good she looks.” A fourth, who expressed how impressed they are, said: “Wow, her body.”

Cia’s video has been viewed over 2million times, and people can’t believe how amazing she looked.

j 3
via cia_eclectica/TikTok

Cia showed how she paired the dress with a leather jacket and high-heeled boots in this video.

@cia_eclectica Reply to @a.pistachio a few different styles! I’m SO grateful for all the love ❤️ #fyp #fashion ♬ original sound – Cia 🌸

Isn’t she gorgeous in the dress?

image 1 5
via cia_eclectica/TikTok

In an update, Cia shared how she dealt with the awkward situation of her navel showing through the thin material by wearing cycling shorts underneath the slinky dress. However, she eventually styled the outfit with a black leather jacket and high-heeled boot, and indeed it went down a storm. 

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