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Baby Octopus Convinced By Divers To Give Up Plastic Cup In An Exchange For A Shell


Baby Octopus Convinced By Divers To Give Up Plastic Cup In An Exchange For A Shell

‘No, leave my cup,’ the coconut octopi said.

Wastes are finding their way into our beautiful oceans, it’s got to stop!  Ecosystems are getting destroyed by the day despite the efforts being made to turn around the tide on water pollution.

Just yesterday, conservationists estimated that waste counts are now in the trillions, resulting in over 260,00 tons of plastics waste roaming wild in our oceans. With the numerous plastics and paint polluting waters, they are also considered dangerous to every living thing in the ocean.

Here’s, however, an example of how the ocean is to be taken care of. Footage surfaced and showed how a scuba diver in Lembeh, Indonesia convinced a baby veined octopus to switch its comfort zone (a transparent plastic cup) for a seashell.

Pall Sigurdsson and his accomplices came across a baby octopus in a plastic cup

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Pall Sigurdsson

Sigurdsson is a diving enthusiast ad an engineer from Iceland. He enjoys capturing animals he encounters during his under-the-water adventures.

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Pall Sigurdsson

Speaking to BoredPanda about his encounter with the baby Octopus, Sigurdsson said: ‘It was our 3rd dive, on that day and we started getting a little bit exhausted. My diving close-friend gave me a hand signal, telling me he had discovered an octopus and request I come over to assist.’

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Pall Sigurdsson

The divers were so dedicated to assisting the octopus that they almost ran out of the air

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Pall Sigurdsson

Sigurdsson added: ‘I am no stranger to witnessing Octopus making a home of out the trash. They are smart animals that take advantage of their environment, and now trash is a permanent part of their environment.’

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Pall Sigurdsson

The divers offered a number of shells until the octopus finally picked one

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Pall Sigurdsson

However, the veined Octopus are given birth to with an instinct to guard themselves by scavenging for clamshells and coconuts to make a mobile home.

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Pall Sigurdsson
6a 3
Pall Sigurdsson

The cute octopus forgot its other half of the shell

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Pall Sigurdsson
Pall Sigurdsson

Watch The Video Of Sigurdsson and His Team Convincing The Octopus To Switch Homes

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