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Baby Girl’s ‘Mean Mug’ Photoshoot Goes Viral


Baby Girl’s ‘Mean Mug’ Photoshoot Goes Viral

Can you resist a grumpy baby?

Giving birth to a baby is undoubtedly a joyous event many families across the world love to celebrate. From hiring a professional photographer to take snaps of their new bundle, including inviting relatives for baby dedication, the occasion brings about so much more.

Naturally, newly-born photoshoots can yield varying results, but in the case of one Ohio family, their baby’s ensuing shots are unimaginable hilarious.

When photographer Justine Tuhy was assigned to take photos of their 3-weeks old Luna Musa, the aftermath revealed an adorable baby girl displaying an epic scowl.

Specializing in weddings and newborn photography, Justine said babies’ photographs aren’t usually so expressive. ‘Majorly, they just sleep throughout the session.’ Justine told Today Parents.

It Can Be Tough To Get Them Do Anything But Sleep

Unsplash | Hu Chen

She added: ‘It’s usually lucky if I can catch them smiling. Many at times I get them to smirk a little bit more.’

Luna Started Her Shot Asleep, But Once She Woke Her Expression Was Priceless

Instagram | Justine Tuhy Photography

With Luna sleeping through the set-up, she woke up alert and made eye contact with Justine. Her hilarious expression indicated she would have preferred to be elsewhere.

Her Mom Says It’s Luna’s Normal Resting Face! Really?

Instagram | Justine Tuhy Photography

Lori Musa said her expression isn’t an indication of anything, but just her natural state.

The Family Guessed Luna Isn’t Happy To Have Been Kicked Out Of Her Mom’s Comfy Womb

Unsplash | Suhyeon Choi

Lori added: ‘I recall when I first laid my eyes on her. That was the face was she making. She was born via a C-section at 41 weeks, so we assumed she was annoyed being evicted.’

Luna’s Parent Are Tickled Their Newborn’s Adorable Scowl Has Garnered Viral Fame

Instagram | Justine Tuhy Photography

Her parents think it’s funny their daughter’s mean mug has taken the internet by storm. Lori continued: ‘She looks like she’s planning to take over the world.’

Justine Says Neither She Nor Luna’s Parent Did Anything To Inspire Luna’s Viral Look

Instagram | Justine Tuhy Photography

‘She was wide awake, very contended staring down at me.’

Luna’s Hilarious Photo Shoot Has Gone Viral

Sharing the photos to her Facebook page, users immediately love the kid with an attitude. Surprisingly, other parents started sharing pictures of their own mean babies.

Luna Undoubtedly Made Internet Users Happy

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