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Woman Gives Birth To A Two-Foot Tall Baby Weighing 7.3kg


Woman Gives Birth To A Two-Foot Tall Baby Weighing 7.3kg

Born through a C-section, both the mom and son are safe and healthy.

Cleidiane Santos dos Santos from Brazil is celebrating with her family the birth of their big, healthy son. Not only is he a healthy boy, but the newborn baby was also breaking a new record in Amazonas State, born at 59cm long and weighing 7.3kg.

biggest baby born in Brazil 3

We really can’t imagine what it’s like to carry such a big baby for 9 months, but both the mom and baby are confirmed to be healthy!

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Hospital Padre Colombo

The baby was born by C-section, performed at Hospital Padre Colombo in Parintins, Amazonas State, on January 18th. The C-section was carried out as the medical staff told the mom that she won’t be able to carry the baby to full-term and deliver the big boy normally.

Back in 2011, a boy was born at a record weigh of 13lbs or 5.8kg. Meanwhile, Santos’ son was born just less than a kg lighter than the current national record at 8kg, which was the weight of Ademilton dos Santos when he was born in 2005.

But the biggest baby ever born was still impressively way ahead of them in terms of weight: at 22lbs or 10.2kg.

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It was Anna Bates, born naturally in Italy in 1955. When Anna was born, she weighed the same as a full-grown Beagle. Unfortunately, big babies like Anna, this boy, and Ademilton face the same problems: no clothes fit them!

The hospital raised funds to help the parents get bigger clothes and nappies because Angerson needs clothes meant for kids nine months old to fit!

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