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‘Avengers: Endgame’ Deleted Scene Shows Tony Stark Reuniting With Adult Version Of Daughter


‘Avengers: Endgame’ Deleted Scene Shows Tony Stark Reuniting With Adult Version Of Daughter

“I love you 3000.”

We know that ‘Avengers: Endgame’ has a lot of deleted scenes with the writers wishing to fit in more details into the movie. A lot was cut to allow ‘Endgame’ run within a reasonable time.

Disney+ proves to be a savior for all of us that just can’t get enough from it. Especially when it comes to a deleted scene that involves Tony Stark. To refresh our mind, some of you can still remember that Katherine Langford was cast for the movie. But nobody knew what her role was until the deleted scene was revealed.

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It was Tony Stark within the soul stone’s realm akin to what Thanos saw when he was about to snap. Thanos conversed with the soul he exchanged for the stone, her daughter Gamora, who appeared as a child.

This time, Tony conversed with her daughter as well, Morgan Stark, but as an adult. And this is where we see Langford’s role. The title of the scene is “Tony at the Way Station”.

Directors Joe and Anthony Russo later explained during an episode in ‘Happy Sad Confused’ podcast, “The intention was that his future daughter—’cause these are [Infinity] stones we’re dealing with, so it’s magic—his future daughter forgave him, and sort of gave him peace to go. And the idea felt resonant.

“But it was just too many ideas in an overly complicated movie,” they decided.

Here’s the scene.

Tony, dying from the overwhelming power of the gauntlet with its infinity stones, appeared in another dimension. He was visibly confused, as he turned around and saw a woman, young, maybe in her early 20s?

“I, um… Do I know you?” he asked, as he walked across the watery plain to her. His hunch begins to kick in that this is someone important to him.

“I’m pretty close, actually,” she replied.

“Because you look…” his voice trailed off as realization sinks in that he’s meeting his daughter. “Dad,” she calls out with relief as if to reassure him. She tells how life was after the battle, how ‘normal’ it was, if that version ever existed.

He was worried. “I might have made a bad decision. I’m scared I made a mistake,” as he started to pace.

That’s not right. That is not what she wants her father to feel in his last moments. “I know. And I know it’s going to be tough for you to let go, but if someone had to do that so the rest of us could…”

“I’m proud of you,” she firmly said.

“I’m strong, like mom. And I’m happy. I’m happy that we had the time that we did and that you were there for me — until you couldn’t be,” says her daughter as she smiled, proud to know her father became a hero, a man he can always remember.

Tony knows that deep inside, this is a hard, but right choice.

“If you’re happy, I’m happy.”

Morgan replied, “I love you.”

He gave him one last goodbye the way he usually does when he tells her good night, “I love you 3,000.”

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