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Artist Who Made People Cry With ‘Good Boy’ And ‘Black Cat’ Comics Just Released A New One With A Duck


Artist Who Made People Cry With ‘Good Boy’ And ‘Black Cat’ Comics Just Released A New One With A Duck

Is Jenny’s comic also tearing you up?

Jenny Hefczyc, popularly-known as German Artist Jenny Jinya has been bringing to her followers eye-catching yet bittersweet comics hinged on real-life situations.

Having touched the world with her good boy and black cat comics, Jenny’s latest comic is focused on a baby duck who got separated from his mother and siblings.

‘The idea is always there. And since a family of ducks was run over in front of my very eyes, even despite being a slow country road, I feel it’s a cruelty that could easily have been prevented,’ Jenny-Jinya said.

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Jenny-Jinya, A German Artist Has Drew A Bittersweet Comic About A Family Of Ducks

Speaking to Bored Panda, Jenny-Jinya added: ‘Drawing a single comic largely depends on how long and intensive I have researched for some topics. I need nothing less than a week for the drawing itself.’

On her obsession with drawing comics, Jenny-Jinya continued: ‘My mom told me I started drawing before I could walk. She said I normally pick up a pencil and never stopped scribbling. I always wanted to be an artist, telling stories as well as creating worlds.’

Jenny-Jinya Revealed What Motivated Her To Draw The Duck Comic

Garnering over 174K followers on Instagram, 25K followers on Twitter, and 140K followers on Facebook, Jenny’s comics widely tackles the different social issues associated with animals. Being a freelance illustrator, Jenny studied Digital Media at the HAWK University of Applied Science and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts.

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