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Animals Encroach Cities As People Quarantine Themselves At Home


Animals Encroach Cities As People Quarantine Themselves At Home

No more cages and zoos, it’s freedom for now!

As quarantines gradually emerge, people are burying themselves in movies, good novels, and social media drama. When taking a stroll, it’s advised by governments to distance from other people. Well, nature, however, does its things regardless and people are noticing an unforeseen outcome of the quarantine.

In locations like Thailand, Italy, and Japan, people witnessed animals roaming the streets as a result of human absence. In Japan, deer that are local to Nara Park were spotted talking to the streets searching for foods.

Typically, the park is swarming the tourists as the Sika deer residing there is a local attraction. However, as the number of guests plunged in recent weeks, the deer appear to have no choice but to wander out of their territory to hunt something to munch on.

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Residents In Nara, Japan Reported Sighting Deer That Usually Stay In The Park Roaming Out Onto The Streets


Numerous photos and videos of the deer roaming the streets of Nara surfaced, with many internet users responding either in shock or awe. Uploaded by Twitter user @okadennis, a number of shots of the deer reported finding the whole thing amusing.


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