"Am I The A*shole? For Eating A Hamburger In Front Of A Vegan Coworker"

“Am I The A*shole? For Eating A Hamburger In Front Of A Vegan Coworker”

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Posted on a throwaway account, a worker shares that she feels conflicted after forcing her to eat her burger in the break room. She adds the variable of an uncomfortable vegan, and the debate starts.


We strive to respect people’s conditions and choices. For example, we don’t purposely shove juicy, warm meat in front of vegans when we can. But a woman who was just trying to have a meal got called out by her coworkers after she insisted on having her burger in the break room. The reason? Her coworker did not like the smell of the burger.

AITAH for eating a hamburger in the break room in front of a vegan?

It left some bitter taste to both the vegan and the poster.


Was it too much? The original poster decided to ask the people of Reddit whether her insisting on having her burger there was wrong. One can say that a vegan lifestyle is nobler, but it is a choice. Vegans are not entitled to have everyone else follow their wishes.

Reaching over 8k upvotes on the subreddit with more than 2.6 million followers, the people of AITAH has spoken and the judgment was passed.

NTA. That breakroom is not owned by her and she could’ve compromised herself.