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All Grown Rebecca Black Celebrates 9-Year Anniversary Of Her “Friday” Song By Sharing A Touching Message


All Grown Rebecca Black Celebrates 9-Year Anniversary Of Her “Friday” Song By Sharing A Touching Message

Most likely, a larger chunk of people will still remember Rebecca Black ill-famed song ‘Friday.’ Released in 2011, the singer was 13-Year-Old and indeed her song went viral due to the absence of artistic value.

Faced with trolling, and extremely harsh bullying both online and in real life, the teen singer had revealed the harassment became so cruel that she was persuaded to drop out of school.

But here again, Rebecca on February 13th took to Twitter to share a heart-touching message about what she would tell her 13-Year-Old Self. And this time around, internet users weren’t laughing.

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Rebecca Black, Who Sang The Ill-Famed Song ‘Friday’ Has Opened Up Online


The released music video for ‘Friday’ had gone viral after it was shared on YouTube and on a well-recognized comedy platform. Rebecca got disturbed with all the negative reactions received online. People even went to the extent of uttering atrocious statements, including ‘I hope you to die.’

The Released Music Video For Friday In 2011 Has Over 3Million Dislikes On YouTube

Initially, the song was pulled down over a copyright dispute with Ark Music Factory, but again was re-uploaded in September of the same year.

‘In A Minute, I Was The Normal Girl, But In The Next, Millions Of People Realized Who I Was And Became Ruthless.’


‘People Laughed AT Me On TV Shows And Made Fun Of Me In YouTube Videos’


In A Heart-Touching Message, Rebecca Shared What She Would Tell Her 13-Year-Old Self


‘I Wish I Could Go Back And Talk To My 13-Year-Old’


Amazingly, People Were In Support Of Rebecca

MTV Also Joined The Viral Twitter Thread

And Many Hilariously Called The Young Singer A Queen

Rebecca Was Excited By The Response – This Time It’s Positive!

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