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Alice Evans 50 Accuses Her Husband Loan On Twitter After He Revealed Romance With Bianca Wallace 29


Alice Evans 50 Accuses Her Husband Loan On Twitter After He Revealed Romance With Bianca Wallace 29

The feud between the estranged couple continues.

In the latest fight between married, estranged couple Alice Evans and Ioan Gruffudd, the 50-year-old actress revealed that Ioan had threatened to leave her before if she gained weight.

Alice launched a tirade that claims the man had cheated on her for years before the divorce, among many hurtful things he’s said.


The 48-year-old Welsh actor filed for divorce with his wife Alice Evans for irreconcilable differences between the two. Just a few days ago, Bianca Wallace shared a romantic picture with the actor on her social account.

She responded to a tweet that reads, “Some words of caution for new side chick and marriage wrecker @BiancaWarren… don’t gain an ounce of weight. @IoanGruffudd likes his women anorexic skinny. Time to dig out the thighmaster and cigarettes.”


Alice didn’t deny the claim and added, “You’re not wrong. He told me several times over the years that he couldn’t abide ‘fatties’ and he would leave if I gained weight. I guess he was true to his word this time!”

She’s also entertained another response that shades on the man’s fashion sense.


She was spotted last month hanging out with friends; her wedding ring was off.


Alice also revealed that Ioan hadn’t communicated with the kids about their divorce.

Her eight-year-old found out about the issue from Instagram and had ‘panic attacks,’ but they were still hoping that the man will come back home. The man hasn’t been in regular contact with Alice saying, “He calls Elsie for 2 minutes twice a week and talks about how beautiful his hotel is.”


Alice made a teasing joke about losing her pre-pandemic thinness in mid-September.

Alice launched her bold claims and accusations after Ioan’s post about her new love, Bianca.


She claimed that the couple had been together for three years before they went official publicly. But Ioan’s wardrobe assistant, Amy Douglas, denies the accusations and claims they’ve never talked until their filming together for the series 3 of ‘Harrow’ began in 2020.

She also called the actress who’s 21 years senior to Bianca as ‘lost and sad,’ but Alice hit back with the tweet below.


In addition, she also revealed who Amy is in another tweet, “Her name is Amy Douglas. She has worked precisely ONCE on a film – on ONE episode of HARROW, dressing Extras. Bianca Wallace was an Extra; I’m not sure for how many days or scenes. Seem they got friendly.”

One of her followers replied, “Alice, my dear. You are above this public exposure. Please don’t.”

To which Alice responded, “But my friend, my entire life has been brought to its knees. I have nothing left. The threats are worse. What would you suggest? (And you know ai value your opinions)”

One of her support wrote, “You have all of us. We may not know each other outside of Twitter, but I’d definitely be there helping you as much as possible if I could. This is going to be one of the hardest journeys in your life, but you’re strong, and those girls will grow up strong because of you.”

She’s also stood up for herself when people were defending her estranged husband.


“HE has been talking terribly TO MY FACE for months. And instead of saying, Look, I’m sorry, I’ve fallen love, he’s told me I’m basically worth nothing…” Alice wrote in a reply. “…he released an Instagram photo today showing more or less what everybody had been thinking.”

“So not only has he gone against his “OFW” only thing, he’s gone against his ‘no family photos’ too! I mean – WHO doesn’t want pics of their kids.”


One of her replies read, “I really do have sympathy, someone you love leaving you is the worst, but also she’s too caught up in her pain, not seeing she’s hurtful to others too. She says he had to let her know he’s dating someone. But did she let him know she will trash him on Twitter when this started?”


When another blamed her Leo star for ‘attention over everything,’ Alice replied, “Absolute crock of s**t Leo whatever. Nothing this horrific has ever happened to me in my life (despite losing Mum, Dad, Step-sister, best friend). I do not want attention. I CERTAINLY do not want your prayers. Think I’m ’embarrassingly desperate? In your dreams a*shole.”

She added that she’s the one who showed Ioan’s new girlfriend to her kids, saying it was better than the ‘mantra’ they’ve been holding on that he’ll never date anyone else.


“I said, “He blamed the collapse of our marriage on things I had done wrong, forcing me to try to change myself when all the time he was s**ggin the 20 yo extra and I had nothing to do with it. HE LIED. He could have told the truth. How hard is that?… Oh, wait! I get it! Are you saying there are “RULES”? God, I’m so silly. So…”

“Tell me where the rules are. Clearly in marriage, there are no RULES. Who agrees? (Cos he can go off and shag a random while we’re still married) So twitter if s/o hurts me, I have to stay [quiet],” she blew up in another thread.

A source spoke with The Sun, “Ioan has denied so many things since they separated, and at times Alice began to doubt herself and wonder if she had things wrong in her own mind. But now she feels as though this confirms all of her beliefs.”

“She had asked him many times if this was all about someone else, but Ioan told her it wasn’t — even though she suspected that may have been the case because his behavior towards her changed so dramatically.”

“Now that she knows he has met someone else — and it’s someone he has known for so long — all of her other suspicions and doubts have come flooding back, and it has totally floored her.”

“Stuff she had been able to bury and move on from is now back at the forefront of her mind, and she has all of those suspicions and uncertainties again. It’s a terrible time for her.”

“He seemed to feel his relationship with Alice was over anyway and didn’t go to huge lengths to hide anything. He and Bianca certainly seem very happy and comfortable together. Hopefully, it works out for the best for everyone in the end,” revealed an insider.

Ioan’s sister reshared Bianca’s post with the man on her story.

Ioan’s hasn’t released any statement regarding their divorce, as only Alice talked about it in January, where she shocked people with how she’s “mentally tortured” in the marriage. He was also accused of “winding the s**t up me.”

After filing for divorce, the couple released a joint statement, “As you can imagine, this is an incredibly difficult time for our family, and we remain committed to our children. Thank you for respecting our privacy.”

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