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‘A Quiet Place: Part 2’ Teaser Trailer Is Out And It’s Too Scary


‘A Quiet Place: Part 2’ Teaser Trailer Is Out And It’s Too Scary

It’s intense.

Those who have watched ‘A Quiet Place’ can still remember how intimidating silence can be. Unlike other horror movies, husband and wife Emily Blunt and John Krasinki were living in a world where silence is their best friend. The first movie also starred Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe as their on-screen children.

To refresh your memory, the first movie showed Emily Blunt’s on-screen family living in a world decimated by extraterrestrial creatures that suddenly kicked humankind off their position as the top of the food chain. With their keen hearing senses, humans are forced to live without noise.

John Krasinski continues to direct and write for the sequel which he did not initially intend to happen. But the positive reception has prompted him to make a sequel and continue the story with the family moving on.

The trailer lasts 30 seconds and was completely quiet with viewers can clearly hear the ambient of the forest. The bugs were chirping, but nothing else could be heard. The mother walked with her three kids, one of them a newborn inside the basket, across the sanded path.

She made eye contact with her deaf daughter before she sets her foot on the path that has never been walked on.

'A Quiet Place: Part 2' Teaser Trailer Is Out And It's Too Scary
Getty Images | Nicholas Hunt

The full trailer will drop on New Year’s Day. The movie is slated to hit the theaters on March 20, 2020.

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