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A Complete Stranger Read Woman’s ‘Body Language’ And Saved Her From A Creepy Stalker At Night


A Complete Stranger Read Woman’s ‘Body Language’ And Saved Her From A Creepy Stalker At Night

That night, she met a kind stranger.

Having to walk home in the dark is a true nightmare for many people, whether you’re a guy or a girl. But the risk oven pose itself bigger to women who tend to be targeted for more than one thing. And that scary scene was about to unfold before a woman as she rode the subway home at night.

This Reddit user began with a guy who has been standing behind her for 6 minutes straight, calling her baby and getting into her space. It got worse when he stepped into the subway after her and sat over his hands on the bar.

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Girls and women can all imagine just how scary this situation is.

It was at this moment when a guy she’s never met suddenly called out to her, “Hey, Lauren. You going to Jeff’s dinner party, too?”

First off, her name was not Lauren and she knows no Jeff nor is she head to any dinner party right now. But she was stuck frozen scared and it took a solid 10-second to realize what’s going on. She said, “Yeah” and played along in hopes of shaking off the stalker. He then said, “Perfect timing. We can walk together. What stop were you going to get off on?”

She told her the stop and he then handed over his phone in disguise of showing her what Jeff said. The note asked if she’s in any danger and she discretely wrote on the note that she’s being followed by the guy. He later got off on the same stop as her and the guy stopped following them. But that’s not all, he walked her all the way to her friend’s apartment and was probably late to wherever it was he was heading, but…!

“I am so thankful men like him are out there and aware of situations like that,” she wrote. “In New York, most people really keep to themselves so thank you very much, Michael. Wherever you are, I am sorry I made you late. But you were like my guardian angel.”

Reddit users also shared their daily tips in getting to places safe and shaking off stalkers and criminals.



With the lockdown in place, it is fortunate that some people are not enforced to work late. But for those who may still have to, please stay safe as much as possible!

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