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Remember The Guy Who Sent Drone To The Girl Dancing On A Roof? He Finally Met Her In A Inflatable Ball


Remember The Guy Who Sent Drone To The Girl Dancing On A Roof? He Finally Met Her In A Inflatable Ball

And Jeremy moved on to the third part of his story.

Love was in the air, quite literally as Jeremy sent his drone down to a cutie he saw on the roof in Brooklyn.

The guy thought getting on quarantine was going to be boring and he tried to get some pictures when he saw a quarantined cutie, dancing on the rooftop in Brooklyn.

He tried sending her his number… and she texted back!

He asked her out on a date, but since they had to social distance…

Jeremy made sure to make his voice louder.

We’re sold at this point, really. The two were having full organic meal on rooftop and balcony as they FaceTime. Tori and Jeremy wanted to go on another date, but they had to social distance. So, Jeremy stepped up his game to prevent the spread of Covid-19 while also grabbing tight to his girl.

Jeremy was prepared to make sure his face-to-face date fun, but still safe.

Yes, his plan is to roll in a plastic bubble with Tori on his side!

He didn’t forget the flowers and hand sanitizer.

He rolled to her front door (building).

Like any normal girl, Tori was cracking up seeing how Jeremy was so determined to stay safe while making sure this date is not a failure.

But Jeremy forgot he couldn’t give the gift if he’s inside the bubble and he ain’t risking it for them.

But, Tori didn’t look disappointed!

So, they took a nice stroll around and since a lot of shops were closed down, they just had a walk.

A police care pulled up, obviously had their attention on a man in a plastic bubble with flowers in his hands.

But guess what, they knew Jeremy who made it on TV!

They took some pictures together with Jeremy inside the bubble!

That was just one hell of a cute date.

And Jeremy left a beautiful message to everyone on social distancing.

Honestly, this makes us want to try to get a date. We’re so looking forward to more stories from Jeremy and Tori!

Here’s the third part that Jeremy uploaded.

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How to date a Quarantined Cutie, Part 3.

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If you’re curious on how they first met or their first date, definitely check it out here and we know it’s just going to make your day better!

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