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36-Year-Old ‘FullyRaw Kristina’ Says She’s Pure Vegan For 18 Years


36-Year-Old ‘FullyRaw Kristina’ Says She’s Pure Vegan For 18 Years

She is also saving herself for marriage despite being a “highly” active woman.

Houston native Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram aka ‘FullyRaw Kristina‘ is an influencer famed for her healthy, vegan diet that focuses on keeping your food raw. The Ecuadorian-Lebanese now has over 1 million followers that heed her raw-vegan diet call.

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The 36-year-old ‘FullyRaw Kristina’ leads an enviable lifestyle in Hawaii, but many didn’t know that she was previously diagnosed with hyperglycemic, Type-2 diabetes at the age of 18.

36-Year-Old 'FullyRaw Kristina' Says She's Pure Vegan For 18 Years
36-Year-Old 'FullyRaw Kristina' Says She's Pure Vegan For 18 Years

The activist wishes to promote her lifestyle to those who are “sick and tired” and help them find “control over their health.” Kristina spoke about her raw vegan diet, “I like to think of this way of eating as an awakening and way of rediscovering connection with ourselves, with others, and with our earth.”

“I really believe it begins with food, and then it becomes a mind, body, and spirit transformation. It’s a way for you to build the foundation that will lead you to a healthier, happier, and more abundant life.”

36-Year-Old 'FullyRaw Kristina' Says She's Pure Vegan For 18 Years
36-Year-Old 'FullyRaw Kristina' Says She's Pure Vegan For 18 Years

Another shocking aspect of her organic lifestyle is how she’s saving herself for marriage.

The Instagram influencer FullyRaw Kristina previously revealed that she grew up in a “very orthodox Christian” home. She shared, “I still uphold those beliefs and cherish them and love them.”

“I was saving myself for marriage for this beautiful human who I still love very much,” she spoke of her boyfriend Cash.

While it seems their relationship’s status has become unclear with the topic of the man never being brought up ever again, she made it clear that she wants her first to be special. Kristina spoke about it in a video explaining her stand, “I want to feel like I’m deeply connected with them and loved by them.”

“It would be really nice to know that that other person cherishes you enough in a way to where they can celebrate that connection with you.”

In a cryptic but also encouraging post she shared half a year ago, FullyRaw Kristina wrote, “My past relationships have all taught me something valuable: how to love myself. A loss of any kind forces us to pick up our pieces and rediscover who we are again at our core.”

“Rejection stings. Abandonment is utterly painful. Dishonesty is gut-drenching. Grief is paralyzing. Manipulation makes you question existence. Love makes you blind to narcissism, betrayal, abuse, control, and mind-games.”

“Heartbreak will do a number to anyone—no one is immune. It’s easy to get wrapped up in feelings of unworthiness, blame, resentment, or fear.”

“I’ve been through it all, and every experience has brought me to a new level of self-awareness and has helped me return to myself. As easy as it is to get lost in others, I am learning to stand firm in my own power.”

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