32 People Shared Clever Parenting Hacks That Will Leave You Amazed

32 People Shared Clever Parenting Hacks That Will Leave You Amazed

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Kids make life about 10 times harder than it already is with their tendency to just play and make a mess out of everything. We love them and just can’t help ourselves taking a thousand pictures every day as we watch them grow up. But that doesn’t mean we enjoy every second they wake us up from our precious deep slumber or seeing them paint abstract images in the living room.

We know that parenting can be hard in these modern times which require modern solutions. So, here are some parenting hacks that will definitely make your life a little bit easier.

Lazy mom life hack: step on two pieces of wet tissues and get your kids to ‘skate’ around for fun.


Call the vegetables and fruits ‘snack’ as well.


Getting kids to eat their medicine or basically any healthy beverage they don’t want.


Confiscate their fancy phone and move their SIM cards to a blackberry, so they can still use a phone, but not for social media!


How to keep baby happy and from whining.


Two dollar lint roller, and some knee time. Kids’ bathroom is finally free of glitter.


Keep it from dripping while giving them extra treats.


Make your own bathtub in the shower cabin. Perfect for travel as well!


Dad hack for a safe BBQ with the kid.


Using a small tent for a sand pit to keep the kid shaded from the sun while keeping the cats out.

The Goonberry Tales

Child seat hack that can save lives during emergencies. Write important information in case parents are unconscious after an accident.


How to spy on your kids.


Teaching multiplication tables with fun.


Use masking tape on the carpet to make routers for your kids while playing with toy cars.


You can clean plastic toys in the dishwasher as well.


People do switch up twins. A LOT.

Bring stickers that are easily removable to keep your kids occupied on the plane!


When you don’t want your kid running around the parking lot, this car magnet will do the trick as they just keep wanting to put their hand on it!


Rectangle containers make perfect ice blocks!


Use baby bottle nipple for medicine dispenser.


Pool noodles are perfect bumpers for kid walkers from hurting your walls and feet.


Use shower caps when pushing your stroller indoor to keep it from making a mess.

Sorting out things is a favorite thing of kids when you need some free time.


Dad hack to keep the baby safe hands-free.


They want fries? Make some apple french fries as healthy snack for the kids.


Kid’s sleeping, but you can’t skip dinner.


Write out the dosage and schedule on the meds and mark them off every time they’re given in case your forget.


Color coding your kids will help a lot when you lose them in the crowd.


Bring a potty chair with diaper. It’ll be the perfect emergency toilet for the kid when there’s none!


The sound of vacuum.


Bring crayons and lay a sheet of paper to keep the kid occupied while waiting.

The kids are easily fascinated by the washing machine and that gives you a lot of free time.