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30 Times People See Amazing Ideas Actually Made Into Reality


30 Times People See Amazing Ideas Actually Made Into Reality

Which one is your favorite?

Great ideas are being thrown into the table all the time, but not everyone has the capability of executing them. That is why the best ones are those who manage to bring their ideas and abstract images into reality. Green Lemon is also in awe at those people, so here are 30 of those amazing ideas in reality!

1. It makes one feel like riding a pirate ship!

Reddit | Dandan419

2. This full-body costume of Bart though.

Reddit | kate9871

3. Milk. Because that’s what you’re there for.

Reddit | Southbamaboy

4. When your room’s the second floor and you couldn’t be bothered to ever revisit the first floor.

Reddit | Proteus2007

5. My dream toilet.

Reddit | tallsteve15

6. They didn’t forget about the worst-case scenario to go with the reusable diaper.

Reddit | Moose4787

7. Comfort at any moment for those who couldn’t be bothered about fashion.

Reddit | ThisIsTrix

8. This is a must-have party prop.

Reddit | ZorkfromOrk

9. The shower curtain has mesh pockets for all your bathing needs.

Reddit | Burgersmasterm

10. Be honest – you’ve always wanted to see this.

Reddit | Klipse11

11. This is a snowflake with Baby Yoda and Mandalorian pattern.

Reddit | PharaohPir8

12. A bike elevator along hilly roads.

Reddit | Palifaith

13. This deck of cards reveal the map when placed in order.

Reddit | DoggololYT

14. Instead of the page numbers, this book has the percentage of the book written.

Reddit | FurryloverOwO

15. This is a Star Wars AT-AT made of yarn.

Reddit | n8Squatch

16. This museum includes an air guitar in their exhibition.

Reddit | geniegnee

17. The mirror is installed in a way that allows people to watch how they work.

Reddit | DrawThatRedstone

18. A lost spouse can be found on aisle 6.

Reddit | TheRoofIsNotMyChild

19. They upcycled the front part of an old Rolls Royce for their reception desk and that’s so classy.

Reddit | DoubleCR

20. Haven’t you wondered about the true purpose of those holes? Here’s one way to use them!

Reddit | The_Stickers

21. This art gallery includes Braille imagery of the exhibits, so blind patrons can enjoy.

Reddit | sushicowboyshow

22. The tree was there first.

Reddit | reverendrambo

23. What better way to increase the awareness and knowledge of Voyager’s exploration and achievements than to include them on a pizza cutter?

Reddit | Bismuth81

24. This tissue box looks like a home with smoke/tissue coming out its chimney!

Reddit | Teh-Leviathan

25. Finally, someone did this! It’s an accordion.

Reddit | rum_dogg

26. T-Rex, because as kids, we like to imagine biting people with these.

Reddit | ridleywithpitsvoice

27. Cartoon-themed design is so refreshing.


28. The bar repurposed old cassette tapes to decorate the wall in the toilet.

Reddit | Owlaholic

29. Authentic wooden bike frame because why not?

Reddit | wood_nich

30. Here’s to how make your equipment more child-friendly.

Reddit | sidc94

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