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20 Pictures Of People Breathing Life Back Into Old Furniture


20 Pictures Of People Breathing Life Back Into Old Furniture

Don’t have to spend a lot on new furniture!

The idea of having an empty apartment is just depressing, but it’s not like furniture is cheap to come by. But says who you need to spend thousands on new furniture to decorate your interior? By being a little resourceful, you can easily give new life to old furniture without spending too much.

Here are 20 people who did it to their furniture and ended up with certain satisfaction of their work! Green Lemon hopes this inspires our readers to do the same.

My neighbor left this side table on the curb, so I gave it a new paint a knob.

© flashbulbsburst / reddit

Gave this sloping roof cupboards a new look.

© Mememasteryoda / reddit

This old cabinet got a refreshing look with repainting and wallpaper.

© Honestly_Red / reddit

Got this desk and chair for only $10 off the thrift store. Gave it a nice repainting job and now it looks elite for kid’s use!

© robinbiro / reddit

Got the table and chairs for £40 from a thrift store. Sanded coarse parts down and gave it a nice paint job.

© Chamerlee / reddit

Got this dresser for $20, plus black paint and new knobs.

© milavamak / reddit

This was an old particle board table and I turned it into drawers.

© CopperTop345 / reddit

Turned an entertainment unit I picked up from the street into kids’ kitchen.

© ShoelessJodi / reddit

Ad this telephone chair got a new pillow as well as new paint.

© deedeesdumb / reddit

This old cabinet from grandparents’ wedding present, but no one in the family wanted it. Rescued this with a $2 contact paper on the doors.

© lrnhrdng / reddit

The desk was free and the chair was $2. Gave then new paint job and voila! New student desk!

© micaepistachio / reddit

Upcycled this wardrobe by removing the doors and giving it a new color.

© ABC7897 / reddit

These two vintage chairs had their backs turned into beautiful hanging decorations.

© rancid_granny / reddit

This was an old college cube shelves, and it’s now a fancy dresser.

© alyssatriesart / reddit

This chair was only $3 and now it look nice with new fabric, cushion and casters.

© Fatty_McButterpantz / reddit

This IKEA drawer was upcycled and now it fits the interior of the bedroom.

© catsnsnacks / reddit

Gave this drawer a new paint, new wallpaper and knobs.

© paulaPJL / imgur

Got this TV stand for $25, but I don’t really like getting used stuff. I needed furniture after recently moving out from my parents, however.

© AwayInMyTreehouse / imgur

This looks like the headrest of a bed, but as you can guess, it looks like a vintage, Victorian-style bench!

© itsatrap0 / imgur

Gave the chair and table a new paint job and a little twist on the backs of the chairs.

© ezzagirl / imgur

And as for this one, a nice paint job on the counter, cleaning up, new shelves and most importantly, a paint job on the wall gives the space a refreshing look!

© yasakharnaya / twitter

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