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30 Genius Ideas People Implement At Their Schools That We’re Just Jealous Of


30 Genius Ideas People Implement At Their Schools That We’re Just Jealous Of

Aw, why couldn’t my school have that?

School was fun with friends, but for many, school is also stressful with all the exams and assignments. But today, more people are noticing the fact that a student’s study is highly impacted by mood and creative locations. How your classroom is designed can have a high impact on how the students will perform.

These schools implement some of the best ideas that allow students of all age and major to cope with stress and tests. Modern designs allow not only passive teaching to be more effective, but also to create a place that allow students and teachers alike to be active in learning. Here are 30 of the best ideas Greenlemon has put together!

1. A university in Munich installed slides inside the building.


2. This totally functional door in a math classroom.


3. Son’s homework has a barcode scan that heads to YouTube videos with instructions on related lessons.


4. This school installed their periodic table of the elements like this.


5. A Japanese kindergarten that is built around a tree.

tezuka architects

6. Meanwhile, this school’s computer room.


7. This school has a vending machine for school supplies.


8. A preschool in Japan collects rainwater for kids to play in.

Hibino Sekkei

9. This university knows the best way to cope with stress.


10. This cooking class installed a mirror so students can see what the teacher is doing.


11. This university provides coasted with test for rape drugs after an incident.


12. This school painted their lockers to make them look like book spines and called it ‘Avenue of Literature’.


13. This local high school installed solar panel on this table with USB outlets.


14. This stair is everywhere in this campus.


15. This school installed a slide that goes from classroom right to the playground.


16. This classroom of first graders have desks with pedals to keep kids active while learning.


17. In this university, every desks are painted as part of a periodic table.


18. This university actually provide therapy DOGS for stress relievers during finals week.


19. This school installed a skateboard parking.


20. The math lab chairs in this university has binary on them.


21. Another vending machine that sells school supplies at an education institution.


22. This is a public workbench for bicycles complete with tools and even QR code for help.


23. This clock.

24. There’s a complimentary sunscreen dispenser in this school gym.

25. This university’s effort in stopping theft.


26. This university has one of the buildings with staplers mounted outside of classrooms.


27. Learning how to count while exercising.

28. This school actually provides a nap room.


29. This university has a machine that detects sound-level.


30. Another fun slide for kids to get downstairs.


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