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30 Scenarios Of People Who Acted Like Complete Jerks


30 Scenarios Of People Who Acted Like Complete Jerks

What do you gain from being jerks?

Welcome to the world of jerks, the nastiest aspect of humankind where people are everything but pleasing. Here, the pressure is so high it makes your blood boil.

Any sickening incident your mind can ever imagine has been here and done-from stealing from your date to washing a dog’s bum on a drinking fountain.

Clasping your teeth right? Check-in and have a glance at those who graduated from jerk school with honours. Lol!

#1 Two Horses Gone, Take Your Poo Home

1 12

#2 Block Power-driven Charging Station. Just Get Towed

2 12

#3 Why Do This To Me And My Home?

3 10

#4 A Painter Take A Revenge On A Greedy Client Who Failed To Pay For The Service Rendered

4 8
Lee McLean

#5 Stealing From A Free Condom Vending Machine?

5 9

#6 What The Hell

6 9

#7 Superstars Are Normal Beings too

7 8
30 Scenarios Of People Who Acted Like Complete Jerks 39

#8 The Concealed Camera Masked As A Clock In My Airbnb

8 6

#9 This Complaint Assumed It Was Okay To Pop A SitOn The Buns. Then She Continued To Shout At Me For Stealing Her Spot In Line At The Deli Kiosk

9 5

#10 That’s Just A Jerk Behaviour

10 6

#11 Vandals Cut Down Hamden’s Historic ‘Door Tree’ A Natural Feature Celebrated For Closely 150 Years

11 6
SCCT Regional Water Authority

#12 I Am Out Of Diapers

people jerks 10 5e577b97e3889 700

#13 People That Feel Authorized Enough To Disregard Signs

13 6

#14 This Man Is In The Cinema Watching Netflix Without Headphones

14 6

#15 Why Not Drugging Your Whole Workplace

15 6

#16 A Hard Working Man Is Tagged Trash

16 5

#17A Total Jerk Sells Her Friend’s Dog

17 5

#18 It Appear Like A Lovely Pair

18 6
30 Scenarios Of People Who Acted Like Complete Jerks 40

#19 Joaquin Phoenix Was Mocked By Wendy Williams For Having A Cleft Lip

19 4

#20 An Artist Spend Days To Do This Under My Watch, Two Days After He Finished I Pass By. What’s Even The Point?

20 3

#21 Washing Dog’s Bum On A Drinking Fountain

1 13
Rebecca Laurie

#22 Stealing From A Guy Who Asked You Out

2 13

#23 Bros, Don’t Be Like This

3 11

#24 What Could Go Wrong If My Neighbor Put Hot Charcoal From His Grill Into A Trash Can

4 9

#25 My Mom Gave Him 120 Days To Find A New Place To Live, His Is How He Left It, Also Infested With Bedbugs And Dumped Paint By On The Hardwood Floors

5 10

#26 Got Soiled Diapers? Put Them Underneath Chaise Lounge At Beach Resort

6 10

#27 People Don’t Exchange Their Human Dignity For £46

7 9

#28 Coworker Brought His Dog To The Office. Dog Did This, Coworker Says “I’m Real Busy So Can Some Else Get It”

8 7

#29 Leaving Fake Currency Around To Trick People Into Seeing Your Message

9 6

#30 Being A Cinema Worker And Having To Clear Up After These Delightful People

10 7
30 Scenarios Of People Who Acted Like Complete Jerks 41

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