30 People Who Encountered Hilariously Worst Day Than You

30 People Who Encountered Hilariously Worst Day Than You

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Simply saying we had some bad days in 2020 would be an understatement. A worldwide pandemic, economic downfall, sudden change in normal life activities, and minimum social life are depressing and even detrimental for many. A bad day is what we eat for breakfast every day now.

That said, some people might be having it slightly worse than you. Well, they probably have it much worse than you thought, so bad that they are worth a position in Reddit’s ‘Well That Sucks’ subreddit. This is a place where people with the most unfortunate turn of events share about their life.

On the bright side, things can’t possibly go worse than this for them, and they’ll only be going up from then on. For us, we feel better to know that there are people out there having it worse than us. Something to be grateful for above the miseries of others, a lesson that there are two sides of a coin.

“Eyelid somehow got stuck in the zipper of his jacket.”


“Some poor old Gary somewhere was just hoping to declare his love for Doris today.”

Andy Giurtalis

“Drove 45 mins to the store thinking I had my mask in my pocket. It was a baby sock.”


F to a friend.


“Losing 2 fingers in a work-related accident on the day my new guitar arrived.”


“Got stung on the lip by a wasp getting the ole’ Christmas tree out. 2020 has been fun for sure.”


“Cable guy drills a hole in the side of house, into a closet, through a guitar case, and right through a Martin HD-28V.”


“Came home late from work, drop my open sandwich in the parking lot. Go to make pasta, the first pot slips, and I pour it all on the ground. Make a second pot, and the handle straight up breaks, and my pasta goes everywhere. Didn’t eat; had a Lil’ cry.”


“Wife got assigned a random tag at the DMV. Didn’t read it ’til she got home.”


“Got up in the middle of the night to get a drink of water, and when I opened the fridge, the door fell off in my hand.”


“I received a package from Wish and panicked at the post office as I don’t recognize what this is. Only remembered it’s a blackhead remover after tearing up the packaging at home.”


“Looks like someone put too much soap in the washing machine.”


“I’m having a disaster of a morning, and then this goddam squirrel stole the croissant I’d been saving to finally enjoy when I got back home.”


“A 4-year-old at my school just told me they liked my minion costume. These are just my clothes.”


“A driveway crew was pouring concrete at a new house next to a duck pond. They went to lunch and came back to this…”


“I think more than one drink was needed after that text.”


“Remember to close the dog flap during a torrential rain.”


“Built my PC no more than 1 hour ago. Very Nice.”


“Today, I was extremely sad, and I thought, “I can’t wait to go home and see my cat. He will make me happy.” Ok, well, I found out he was more depressed than me.”


“Mother-in-law just served me this piece of cake.”


“Well, there is a water snake living in my toilet somehow.”


“See that tiny sliver of metal in the gap? Those are my car keys that I locked in the groove of my trunk.”


“Wife and I visited the Eiffel Tower for our honeymoon.”


“My phone was stolen last week in London and I just got a notification saying it had been located…”


“I picked the ladder up forgetting the paint was on top.”


“I tried to grow potatoes, 10 weeks after I get this.”


“Put both on this morning to get wife’s opinion. Forgot to change before I left and was at work all day like this.”


“That will do it.”


“Made a turmeric face mask without actually researching it, and it stained my face. Now, I look like Bart Simpson.”


That is one strong charger.