Hilarious failed wildlife photography.

30 Hilarious Wildlife Pics From This Facebook Group Show Failed Attempts Of Capturing Nature

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There is always a community for everything, even for awful wildlife photography. Yes, if you’re a photographer who’s been on a stakeout for hours or days, you’re bound to capture a couple of hundreds of bad pictures. They might not make it to National Geographic magazine or win contests, but they definitely have a place in this Facebook group!

Yep, if you join the group ‘Crap Wildlife Photography‘, you’ll become part of a community that loves all these badly timed pictures. Failed attempts don’t always have to end up in the trash bin, try posting your worst tries and see people enjoy them.

More info: Facebook / Crap Wildlife Photography

This gorgeous shot of an elephant who had itchy butt in Africa. That’s one termite mound down.

Mike Redding

Spent days and thousands of dollars on a stake out for a great white shark. Got it.

Kevin Lamb

Caption this picture.

Mark Oertel

Got this picture by accident. This triggerfish attacked me.

Martina Andrés

Can’t wait to see that cocoon pop.

Carolina Wolf

Was aiming for a perfect picture of a deer in the rain. Got this picture of the deer bolting and it looks it has a nest on its butt.

Tom Cunningham

No, we’re not interested in your product.

Mike Davis

Hawks are majestic most of the time. When they’re not…

Wendy Reyn

What a gorgeous view of a brown hyena in Namibia.

Geesche Neuburg

Koala came in for midnight snack, maybe.

Ellie Els

So, I tried.

Sheldon Grant

So, this guy has been bringing bugs, snakes and lizards almost daily while hitting the door with its beak.

Justin Singleton

Just a fish on a ride from a bird.

Michelle Sobek

Subject was moving too fast to capture it in focus.

Deanne Poschwatta

Captured a red-bellied woodpecker enjoying a fresh block of suet.

Heidi Harrison

These boys jumping in joy.

Oliver Hornberger

This very angry and triggered badger.

Gregory Jahner III

A beautiful Whitetail deer getting chased by our cat who thought it was my dog.

Madi Hagen

We were car camping in Idaho when a bull elk came over in the middle of the night. Jurassic Park but it’s an elk.

Carly Muench

A mood.

Cedrick Louault

What is this animal?!

Jenna Lindquist

This dove that gave that vibe of an old man who’s disappointed of who you’ve become.

John Scharpen

Thought I’ve captured two amazing bald eagles. Turns out the sea lion photobombed it and the auto-focus ruined (perfected) it.

Roelant Siekman

While staying in Nashville, was told that there’s a baby groundhog in the garden. It thought it’s hiding behind the pole.

Felicity Cowie

This seemingly hungry fox.

John Victor Jacobson


Kevin Becker

A literal crap shot.

Michelle Schwartz

Teeth. TEETH.

Alex Kuier

Nailed this rare picture of an owl taking flight.

Fräulein Hauteclocque

Captured this red firefly with 90-second night exposure at ISO 2000. He was attracted to the red light on my camera.

David Rennie