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25 Wildlife Photography Award Finalists And Their Amazing Photo Entries


25 Wildlife Photography Award Finalists And Their Amazing Photo Entries

People get the chance to vote the best wildlife photograph out of entries handpicked from all over the world.

Just a few months ago, the best Wildlife photographer of the year 2019 was announced. Mr.Yongqing Bao bagged the well-deserved title as the world showered him with congratulatory messages. His winning photograph titled “The Moment” showcases a young fox and a marmot in a moment of life and death. As mother fox bared its teeth driven by hunger pangs, the shock on the marmot’s face who just woke up from hibernation won everyone’s heart, it wasn’t so hard for the jury to declare it the best snap.

This time around, people will get to vote for and decide which is the best photograph. Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest just announced the 25 finalists of its LUMIX People’s Choice Award and you can vote for the best photograph. The Natural History Museum selected some of the best photographs from all over the world that didn’t make it to the finals of the first competition and gave fans the chance to choose their fan favorite.

From predators hunting prey to animals in captivity, the images are a good reflection of the many aspects of our nature. The voting deadline is on Tuesday 4 February 2020, so fans have plenty of time to think and vote for their ultimate best.

#1 “Station Squabble”, Sam Rowley, UK

Sam Rowley

#2 “The Surrogate Mother”, Martin Buzora, Canada

Martin Buzora

#3 “Winter’s Tale”, Valeriy Maleev, Russia

Valeriy Maleev

#4 “Mother Knows Best”, Marion Vollborn, Germany

Marion Vollborn

#5 “Tender Play”, Steve Levi, USA

Steve Levi

#6 “Trustful”, Ingo Arndt, Germany

Ingo Arndt

#7 “Inquisitive”, Audun Rikardsen, Norway

Audun Rikardsen

#8 “What A Poser”, Clement Mwangi, Kenya

Clement Mwangi

#9 “The Unwelcome Visitor”, Salvador Colvée Nebot, Spain

Salvador Colvée Nebot

#10 “Training Session”, Stefan Christmann, Germany

Stefan Christmann

#11 “Matching Outfits”, Michel Zoghzoghi, Lebanon

Michel Zoghzoghi

#12 “Teamwork”, Jake Davis, USA

Jake Davis

#13 “A Suitable Gift”, Marco Valentini, Italy

Marco Valentini

#14 “Dressed For Dawn”, Csaba Tökölyi, Hungary

Csaba Tökölyi

#15 “Spot The Reindeer”, Francis De Andres, Spain

Francis De Andres

#16 “Family Get-Together”, Michael Schober, Austria

Michael Schober

#17 “The Humpback Calf”, Wayne Osborn, Australia

Wayne Osborn

#18 “Beak To Beak”, Claudio Contreras Koob, Mexico

Claudio Contreras Koob

#19 “Big Ears”, Valeriy Maleev, Russia

Valeriy Maleev

#20 “Captive”, Marcus Westberg, Sweden

Marcus Westberg

#21 “A Pulsing Sea”, David Doubilet, USA

David Doubilet

#22 “Bon Appétit”, Lucas Bustamante, Ecuador

Lucas Bustamante

#23 “Ocean´s Signature”, Angel Fitor, Spain

Angel Fitor

#24 “Meeting Place”, Yaz Loukhal, France

Yaz Loukhal

#25 “Losing The Fight”, Aaron Gekoski, UK

Aaron Gekoski

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