30 Hilarious Times People Found Pictures They Never Took On Their Phone

30 Hilarious Times People Found Pics They Never Took On Their Phone

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Nobody likes it when others invade our smartphone and randomly take pictures with it. We love our privacy being respected, but these people absolutely love these pictures that they found have been taken by their phone, but not by them… at least as far as they can remember.

From blackout drunk fellas to people who lost their phone and found it back with small unexpected gifts of pictures inside, you will love this collection of unexpected pictures!

The bottom half of my sweatpants was gone since a party and I didn’t understand how until I found this picture.


Sleeping in a library to a random guy taking these selfies until I woke up.

Asked someone to take pictures of us parasailing from the boat and here’s what we got.


Looked for my phone for hours and it turned up in my chicken coop with this picture.


Drunk at a Red Wings game and found this picture of me playing the piano.


My phone snapped a picture of the person that entered the wrong knock code.


They found his mobile phone and posted this on owner’s Facebook. Dutch policewomen.


I left my iPad on the plane and got it back 10 days later with one additional picture.


Co-worker is getting his wisdom teeth removed and the doctor wanted to take a funny picture while at it.


Lost phone on Sunday while teaching and now I know the culprit.


Got a picture sent from husband’s phone. He’s the only sleeping and I don’t know who the other guy is.


Was having my finger partially amputated and gave my phone to the nurse. She left a gem.


Lost phone during a summer festival. Got it back along with a new picture.


Left the phone in the yard and found this picture later.


I left my phone at the bar and a kind soul returned it to me. Want to see the kind soul?


When you find a lost phone, take selfies with it.

I accidentally left my phone’s camera on when I left it on the couch.


Lost my phone for 15 days, 10 of which was spent in the river. Calgary Fire Department saved other than lives and had fun while at it.

Nathan Buhler

Work at a bar that closes at 4 am and found this guy passed out with his pants down. Took a picture with his phone and finally grabbed a cab for him.


Blacked out in a party and I have no idea who took this picture.


Friend got separated from group in Vegas one night, got back and was holding his phone in the morning. I saw this picture.


Lost my phone from January 1, 2013, and it fell in the hands of a man with a killer mustache.


Friend left her purse in an Uber on New Year’s Eve and it was returned with a new set of pictures.


We got drunk last night and I fount this picture on my friend’s phone the next day.


Installed an iPad on the dash and the carwash employee had a little bit of fun.


Lost my phone in Santa Monica last night, but it’s ok now. A homeless woman found it.

I lost my phone in the grocery store and it’s been returned with a new picture.


I went out of town with friends and opened my phone to this.


Left my phone downstairs and my grandma and aunt figured out how to use the camera.


Mate blacked out and got a ripper selfie on phone.