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30 Hilarious Shopping Mishaps So Good People Weren’t Mad At All


30 Hilarious Shopping Mishaps So Good People Weren’t Mad At All

Never forget to read the descriptions.

Online shopping mishaps are real and many of us have experienced them firsthand. There are dishonest sellers who use nice pictures for their products and send you fakes. But there are also moments when we just failed to read the description properly and could only accept whatever we got.

Pretty sure we all have our own stories, but here are 30 best shopping mistakes so funny they just couldn’t get mad at it!

1. Ordered for this wall tapestry and they’re made of… pugs.

© rraccoons / tumblr

2. My cat looks unamused.

© cewallace9 / reddit

3. Got the dustpan, now to find the broom.

© skeeterou / reddit

4. Ordered some tights meant for Halloween, but I didn’t check the size…

© LambLegs / reddit

5. I- okay.

© adoringly / reddit

6. I guess my cat can wear them.

© Grand_Area / reddit

7. Aliexpress never fail to impress.

© Psilan / reddit

8. Bought a ‘pair’ of new shoes.

© teddytalent / reddit

9. Close enough…

© Sergiotor9 / reddit

10. Sounds like we’re keeping this for a grandchild.

© downeyrth_lover / twitter

11. I bought a 2-person (child) tent. Took it to the festival anyway.

© Kellymcdouble / imgur

12. Very close.

© Unknown / imgur

13. This ladle you only see used by cook in Chinese restaurants.

© calebwerm / reddit

14. Time to get a mini-garden to match them then!

© ellharfordxo / twitter

15. This Jordan looks a bit weird.

© Hunchmine / reddit

16. This shirt I got online has earned me weird looks.

© Reperalib / imgur

17. Sharpie’s long-lost brother, Skerple.

© portablebiscuit / reddit

18. Got this desk lamp for Amazon. What can I say, it’s a cute 4-inch lamp.

© bolthead88 / reddit

19. It’s a smartwatch.


20. I got this in XL size. Not just that, the design looks horribly difference from the packaging.

© Mehofjack / reddit

21. From a mermaid to a creepy walking fish?

© Unknown / imgur

22. Would an egg even fit in this?

© RickHedge / reddit

23. Definitely keeping it anyway.

© Chsrmsy / reddit

24. Because they thought we wouldn’t be able to see the painful difference.

© Tzl1337 / reddit

25. It’s for €2. Now we understand why.

© frake / imgur

26. As long as you can nap comfortably on it, I guess.

© naygul / reddit

27. It’s more than $80.

© Unknown / imgur

28. Never had this man thought it’s so bad to wear a medium-size hoodie.

© Jasonfrost3425 / reddit

29. Got this at a cheap kitchen sale, but something feels missing…

© msstark / reddit

30. And Amazon on going beyond people’s expectations.

© msstark / Instagram

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