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20 Times Girls’ Online Shopping Expectations Crushed By The Actual Thing


20 Times Girls’ Online Shopping Expectations Crushed By The Actual Thing

These girls shopped online bad their expectations were met with a harsh reality.

Online shopping could be lauded to be better than traditional shopping. After all, what beats the pleasure of binge-ordering your favorite items at the comfort of your couch and have them delivered right to your doorstep? But even the most hassle-free online shopping is not totally okay with some people.

In fact, there are dozens if not hundreds of not so lucky individuals who have sworn to never buy anything online again thanks to their nasty experiences. We came across 20 girls whose online shopping experience turned sour and they couldn’t hide their disappointments.

1. Something clearly isn’t right here

SomeTypicalRedditGuy / Reddit  

2. “It was supposed to be a “mid-weight knit sweater not a replica.”

 titsmcfitz / Reddit

3. “Ordered this costume for my 5-year-old”

Pleasedontdmme / Reddit

4. “She bought a non-refundable potato sack for $60, big scam”

1deringifuknow / Reddit

5. “Any ideas on where I can get my head shrunk?”

 ChloeMalius / Twitter

6. “Expectations vs reality —sadly the wedding is tomorrow.”

khaddy___ / Twitter 

7. “I DONUT recommend to buy it online.”

 TheRookieGetsACookie / Reddit  

8. “When you go shopping for a dress and instead buy one fitting your daughter”

Theheadandthefart / Reddit  

9. “My sister ordered boots for her Halloween costume and this is what came in the mail…”

 Sallamandersal / Twitter  

10. “I ordered my birthday outfit and wanted to cry.”

GallacticCactus / Reddit  

11. “Ain’t online shopping a joke?”

MadiBryan3 / Twitter

12. “One of the rare occasions when the plus size item you ordered online is way bigger than expected”

SophiaCK / Twitter  

She could even live in there

SophiaCK / Twitter  

13. “A dress with a wrap, Yay or nay?”

bethanie_nicola / Twitter  

14. “I just wanted a nice knit sweater for the winter season and instead, I got a spandex long-sleeve shirt.”

© meatloafthepuppy / Reddit  

15. “She should definitely ask for a refund”

L_Boogie_Sue / Twitter  

16. “They obviously mistook her for slenderman”

psychedelime / Twitter  

17. “I bought a dress to go to a wedding and when I saw it, I was shocked.”

Missmachineee / Reddit  

18. The skirts are obviously different, but the seller says different

huge_loadof-cman / Twitter  

19. “Perhaps the lesson here is to never order a prom dress online”

kavs126 / Twitter  

20. “she probably didn’t know this is a dress for a size-8 body”

JuliaMagowan / Twitter  

“If its a consolation, it fits nicely around her leg”

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