30 Grocery Hacks To Extend Your Favorite Fresh Produce And Food Life

30 Grocery Hacks To Extend Your Favorite Fresh Produce And Food Life

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Sometimes, we really love something that we can’t help buying them in bulk. Or maybe it’s something that you eat from to time, and now you really prefer not to hit the grocery store as often anymore. Either way, you really wish your grocery would last just a bit longer for you.

These tips and hacks come from people who have been there. Definitely easy and useful if you’ve had some problems with these foods!

Alcoholic drinks don’t expire and should be stored away from the sunlight and in a cool, dry place. The taste starts to change when you’ve opened them.

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Store cucumbers at room temperature, not the fridge, as it is prone to water-soaked areas.


Definitely, always clean your fridge when something goes bad or if you spill something!

Turn sour cream and cottage cheese containers upside down to reduce air inside and prevent bacteria growth.

Don’t store milk in the fridge door because the temperature fluctuates and will spoil the milk.

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Don’t simmer, but use warm water to melt crystallized honey back to preserve the nutrition.


Keep your other half of avocado with the pip in and brush the surface with lemon juice or olive oil.

Use a paper bag, not a plastic bag, to keep mushrooms fresh.

A tip to organize your fridge.

Use plastic wrap to cover bananas’ crown so they’ll last a few days longer. Great for Organic bananas.

Use butter on the cut side of your cheese to prevent it from drying out.

Don’t keep tomatoes in plastic bags because it ripens them. Keep ripe tomatoes at room temperature, out of sunlight, not touching each other.

Roast your nuts and store them in freezers so they can be stored longer.

Regrowing scallions. You can do this with leeks, too!


Don’t keep bread in the fridge as it makes them go stale faster. Just keep it at room temperature or buy a bread box.


Keep herbs, flowers in plastic bags, tied up with a rubber band. Into the fridge they go.

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Use a paper towel to keep your lettuce fresh all week.

Store ginger in the freezer, and you’ll grate so easy you don’t need to peel them.

You can keep onions in pantyhose and make knots between each one. They’ll last for months!


Store your ice-cream container inside a plastic bag to keep your ice-cream soft and away from freezer burn.


Keep your carrots for months by removing the greens and keeping them in water.


You can keep pure maple syrup fresh forever by freezing them.

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Store your sliced fruits, like lemons, with a toothpick to reattach the end piece.


Keep your grapes fresh with polyethylene bags.

Freeze dry green onions in plastic bottles.

Have your raisins gone dry? Soak them in warm water when you need to use them, and they’ll be as fresh. Keep them dry.

Store your spices in fresh and flavorful conditions in the cold.

Dip your berries in a 1:10 white vinegar mixture and rinse them. Then store them in the fridge.

Keep your potatoes with apples to prevent them from sprouting.

Use olive oil to freeze and preserve fresh herbs!