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30 Beautiful ‘Still A Good Mom’ Comics That Tell Moms It’s Okay To Be Themselves


30 Beautiful ‘Still A Good Mom’ Comics That Tell Moms It’s Okay To Be Themselves

Tell all ‘imperfect mom’ to feel comfortable about themselves.

Being a parent is not easy and anyone who knows how it feels can attest to this. Parenting is one of life’s biggest, lifelong task that demands your whole attention and focus. They change your life, for the better and worse. For Jamina Bone, her second child gave her postpartum depression and it almost made her give up.

From loving her life as a very neat and planned person to losing means of being able to take rein of her own life, she didn’t realize she was having depression. She was a Special Educator and thought she was prepared, but now she knows how bad it is.

She now makes comics about imperfect mothers who are ‘still a good mom’ and not be concerned about social norms or what people have to say about how you raise your kids.

More info:

Raising your tone is not a crime.

An understanding partner is always amazing.

You do you.

You know your kid the best.

You don’t always can and HAVE to submit to kids’ whining.

We’re living in a modern world with advancing technology.

Parenting is exhausting!

Mommy bod is not something to be ashamed for.

Not everyone can breastfeed even when they want to.

Moms health matter, too.

You’re a mom, not a plumber.

It’s okay!

Who doesn’t get annoyed with messy room?

It’s not because you don’t care, you know.

Moms have a life outside parenting, too.

Beauty is sometimes neglected, but it’s fine. You’re still a beautiful good mom.

Sleep-deprivation is often a catalyst to postpartum depression in moms.

The whining.


You’ve got to do what you need to do.

You only have one back, everyone knows that.

Not all women automatically grows up ready to become a cook for the family.

Just because you are not a ‘supermum’.

A single burger will not hurt anyone.

Too much commentary on someone’s life, don’t you think?

You don’t have to be everything people tell you to.

Sometimes kids can hate it when you yap or sing and that’s okay!

Ignore those comments.

Take one thing at a time. Your kid should be a priority.

Who else has a mom who doesn’t like tumbling?

Moms can be tired, too.

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