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28 Kids Let Their Innocent Imaginations Run Wild And It’s Hilarious


28 Kids Let Their Innocent Imaginations Run Wild And It’s Hilarious

Wait until 10 or more years later and it’ll be such a good story to tell.

Ah, how nice it is to be a kid. You can be completely rude and weird and people will still call you cute and feel the warmth. But that’s how kids are. Their mind is full of mystery and world unexplored, asking the weirdest questions out of nowhere and making the adults feel completely uncomfortable when they blurt things out in public.

Such innocent, cute and endearing children, they are definitely going places.

Neighbors and their imagination.

Saving the best for the last.


It’s a pandemic and toilet paper is out. That’s why kid thinks they need some cleaning.


Oh well, at least he knows his name is Titus.

The helpful kind can be the troublesome kind.

Meanwhile this very innocent boy.


Kids strive to be this cool.


Kid believes you can and can not walk the same dog every day.

Kids hate to be lonely.

Why I won’t have kids.

Kid wants to do the legs of Harry Potter.

“You should have worn flowers today. And then corn tattoos tomorrow.”

Kid has enough with the status quo. It’s time to change things!


Animal Crossing scandal.


Sun’s going to get you, so put your sunscreen on. NOW.

An Oreo cookie for a tablet, ah, such innocence.

The kid who kept his cool.


Such caring heart, such awful voice.


Fashion is his passion. Probably.

We all have that bedtime questions even as kids.

She loves her kids, but first off, they are weirdos.

All the kids from this school.

It feels like kids were born to have meltdowns at the tiniest things.

The boy who screamed from the wrong side of the fence.


It was either the oven or getting sold alive.

And he wanted his parents to be a purple hat and huge T-shirt. One complete family.

Losing something as big as you are.

Kid’s request about to put someone out of his job.


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