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28 Hilarious Reactions From Celebrities When They Saw The Paparazzi


28 Hilarious Reactions From Celebrities When They Saw The Paparazzi

Some look pissed, some really know how to be hilarious.

The life of a celebrity is one where you’re constantly in the spotlight, even when you don’t wan to. At the cost of fame, people become increasingly curious about where you are, what you are doing, who you meet down to what meal you had today. Borderline stalking, but paparazzi really can’t be told off.

But there are also those who can’t help but wish these people would stop with their cameras. Just like us, they have a life where they wish to be like normal people, taking a break off the spotlight and not have to worry about how they look all the time.

Simon Cowell’s banana phone!


Ryan Gosling didn’t like his lunch being interrupted.


Meanwhile young Britney Spears just love dousing them in coke.

JacobIsaac / imgur, slightlydramatic / imgur

Mark Wahlberg has his own anti-paparrazi crew.


Jennifer Lawrence’s ‘straw teeth’!

Raymond Hall

Kanye West mood shifted 180.

whoknowshow / imgur

How Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas silently creeping the paparazzi out instead.

m_b22 / reddit

Do NOT mess with Alec Baldwin. Ever.

Ryno3639 / reddit

When Joseph Gordon-Levitt was about to sip into his drink, he can’t believe what he’s seeing.

DrunkOtter / reddit

Nothing like seeing yourself getting spied back instead.

uhdgifs / imgur

Benedict Cumberbatch decided to be hilarious on cam!

Pacific Coast News

Ashlee Simpson And Pete Wentz.

Leonardo DiCaprio methods to be invisible has actually attract attentions.

fefelol / imgur

Gerard Butler knows what he must do.

Pacific Coast News

Cara Delevingne’s weird face…lol


Grant Gustin mocking them!

The couple from ‘Amazing Spider-Man’, Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield, used the chance to promote awareness!

steve699 / imgur

Benedict Cumberbatch telling them off to go find something better to do.

potterarchy / reddit

Evan Mendes thought for a while… and her solution was her hair.

Daniel Radcliff solution: tongue out.

Kahleesi / imgur

Shy Dustin Hoffman spotted.

grahamalfie / imgur

David Beckham’s daughter’s hilarious reaction!

Splash News

Jim Carrey pulling the unexpected stunt.

Splash News

When he’s not hitting them, Shaquille O’Neal them.


Emma Stone filming on the set, just having fun!


Kat Slater really know how to handle paparazzi.


Karlie Kloss subtly laughing because this woman became quite the shield for her.

Realgirldiet / reddit

Leonardo Dicaprio

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