27 College Students Who Reveal Just How Harsh Life Is After High School

27 College Students Who Reveal Just How Harsh Life Is After High School

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Are you a high school student? On your last year? Well, that must mean you’re getting pretty excited for college! It’s a given – new environment, new friends and one step close to adulthood. It really feels like unicorns and sunshine, but those of you who’ve been to college knows one thing.

College is ANYTHING but sunshine. The studies, the grade, the juggling between life, work and study is insane. Not to mention the student loan that will possibly plague you for the rest of your life, what an exciting life. And Green Lemon found 27 tweets that completely sum up your college life.

1. Living in a mystery.

Twitter: @persianthoughtz

2. It’s important to mark your territory.

Twitter: @ColIegeStudent

3. College never has enough parking space. NEVER.

Twitter: @_austinsawyer

4. It just reminds you why you hate people.

Twitter: @wrighttolife

5. It brings your expectation level to record-level low.

Twitter: @gabmcmahon

6. And you can get lost at time.

Twitter: @chloeestell

7. Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

Twitter: @samiwert

8. And it helps you set priorities.

Twitter: @rachelhelenw

9. But also potentially causes depression, too.

Twitter: @FlawlessArmani

10. Your brain is just focused on getting it together at this stage.

Twitter: @nickccerino

11. And you can get confused from time to time.

Twitter: @eliza__Best

12. You are about to feel this tweet soon enough.

Twitter: @_zodiaccat

13. Well… or maybe you’re not.

Twitter: @beharmee

14. These are old stories.

Twitter: @erinlyman36

15. It teaches you to make the perfect analogy.

Twitter: @hannahfallshand

16. Nobody would ever ask for your HS grades anymore.

Twitter: @06fordexplorer

17. You have nap-deprivation, all of a sudden.

Twitter: @GabrielllaRosee

18. Your dreams are about longer than 4 years away, ma’am.

Twitter: @alexuslemasters

19. There are two kinds of professors:

Twitter: @verysmallriver

20. You’ll become part of something bigger as well.

Twitter: @allydunlay

21. This truth.

Twitter: @aesthosia

22. You also learn to be a self-taught genius.

Twitter: @alex_welch88

23. You are forced to get your scheduling right.

Twitter: @maggieisntcool

24. You’ve been taught you’ll change in 10 minutes.

Twitter: @miguel_nunez

25. As two worlds collided:

Twitter: @Keally22

26. You’ll have teachers that look like the last boss.

Twitter: @angelalicata17

27. It’s about appreciating the little things.

Twitter: @ColIegeStudent