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26 Amazing Things That Are Hidden Under Thick Layer Of Dust And Dirt


26 Amazing Things That Are Hidden Under Thick Layer Of Dust And Dirt

It may take hours of scrubbing and break your arm. But certainly worth it!

Research Now reveals a survey on cleaning products usage, Brazilians appear to be the largest users of cleaning products and more than a fourth of them prefer to buy strong cleaning products. What Brazilians see below will definitely make them agree with their choice of cleaning products.

We have found pictures of when people decided to give their stuff some proper cleaning. And they’re definitely amazing motivation that gets people to find something that they know they’ve been needing some cleaning for quite some time.

Wife never polished boots and even a single coat can do wonders.

© FishFearMe1 / Reddit

Well, water does this to bathtubs in just one month. It needs 4 hours of scrubbing.

© kelsoxo93 / Reddit

This beautiful dress unveiled after soaking it in washing powder overnight.

scdvintage / Instagram

The amazing restoration job on this.

AreaPogChampion / Imgur

Depression for 2 years did this. But he overcame it and cleaned his room.

BigMad-throwaway / Reddit

Not even the oven cleaner could clean it. Took a metal sponge and an arm to clean it.

Zalkaa / Reddit

Not after 2 years since the last cleaning reminds owner these tiles were actually light.

TheNuttyLoudmouth / Reddit

Before and after cleaning an oven.

premiercleaningcrewma / Instagram

Bought two candlesticks worth $6. Proper cleaning makes them look brand new.

girlinprogress09 / Reddit

It took a few hours, but this kitchen is now usable again.

jemotix / Reddit

Saving a favorite armchair.

dewcleaners / Instagram

Used a Magic Erase to clean the school tables and they look great again.

bevvydoll / Reddit

This second-hand Mustang only needs a nice, thorough cleaning.

goslow5o / Reddit

Cleaned the baking dishes.

LeeHarveyT-Bag / Reddit

Power-washed this wooden chair.

JackHadders / Reddit

Not sure why this frying pot was thrown to the trash, but a pile of detergents later:

momobear33 / Reddit

Found a pendant while diving close to an island in Tripoli. Now, what story does this pendant keep?

SpaceExplorer493 / Reddit

Motorcycle wheel looks sleek after cleaning.

JellyJSP / Reddit

Finished 2019 by cleaning a friend’s freezer.

mrjumpyjames / Instagram

Daughter’s favorite hat’s tag says ‘spot clean only’. So, they washed it.

laura_twenty5seven / Instagram

Cleaning the microwave isn’t as hard as you think it is.

cleantheflat / Instagram

This chair looks impossible to save, but that’s not true.

prodeepcleaningpatrick / Instagram

And don’t forget about your trash cans either!

mrwheelieclean / Instagram

Nobody wanted to use this toilet before.

profreshionalcleaning / Instagram

This was the last place anyone would wash their hands in.

profreshionalcleaning / Instagram

Bought the kettle for $4 and was rusty inside as well. Almost used it as the watering can, but it’s definitely a kettle now.

unknown author / Imgur

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