22 Satisfying Pictures Prove That Anything Can Be Cleaned

22 Satisfying Pictures Prove That Anything Can Be Cleaned

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Let’s admit one thing – we hate cleaning chores. It’s because the chore feels like something that never ends – that carpet always gets dust on it, that kitchen counter will eventually get oily again and the grass always grow beyond the ideal height.

But cleaning is something that we need to do, like it or not. And Greenlemon thinks that the motivation you need is probably the satisfying pictures from the results of putting effort into cleaning.

Burnt kettle? Boil vinegar and lemon juice, then scrub with sponge.

© uraniumbombs / Reddit

Bathroom that hasn’t been cleaned for 15 years, gets a new leash in use.

© Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners / Betty TV

This is mom’s purse from the 80’s. Looks brilliant as new!

© vstartledpancake / Reddit

This building in Budapest that is half washed.

© DutchMitchell / Reddit

Cleaned the playroom.

© Chrissykissthecorpse / Reddit

After carpet cleaning, owner realizes this carpet has a pattern.

© LittleWhiteLines / Reddit


© LeeHarveyT-Bag / Reddit

Power-washing gave the floors its color back.

© pedro0418 / Reddit

Tired of letting depression take over, so here’s to making the first step with bedroom.

© timc0 / Reddit

Iron-stained tub now looking new and elegant.

© megpIant / Imgur

Cleaned and repainted Nike AM90s.

© best_guy / Reddit

Power-washing on patio furniture, making them look vibrant and alive.

© unknown author / Imgur

Dusted the ceiling, and it suddenly feels so bright in here.

© 2low-key / Reddit

Descaling an espresso machine boiler that is hooked up to tap water for years.

© barista_champ / Reddit

Cleaned up the backyard.

© col381 / Reddit

Great-grandfather’s razor looks like brand new after polish.

© joeyisnotmyname / Reddit

This keyboard is 10-year-old. Spent two hours taking the keys off, cleaning them, dried the keys and putting them back together.

© icyenigma / Reddit

Got a smoker for $20. Looks brand new the next month.

© lostandalong / Reddit

Yep, I can imagine using the old hammock again after this.

© johnnybluejeans / Reddit

Closet before and after.

© emkay95 / Reddit

Cleaned the kid’s slide and learned that it’s green.

© dangerman008 / Reddit

Frying pan survived a fire, left out in the rain.

© BrowsOfSteel / Reddit