25 People Revealed Dark Secrets From The Industry That They Work In

25 People Revealed Dark Secrets From The Industry That They Work In

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Will life ever be the same after knowing these secrets? Many things in our life appear to be lies spouted by people who had to maintain a certain public image. Some don’t get paid even when they are overworked, and it’s legal, while others spilled the beans on the safety and hygiene ‘policies’ of some places.

Obviously, nobody knows for sure if what these people said are the truths. After all, they are ‘secrets’ that these industries work hard to conceal from the public for the sake of their image.

Academics work.

Academics steal works all the time to publish them under their own name. – dudenamedfella


When you work at a daycare, you often see babies take their first steps, but we don’t always tell the parents as we don’t want to disappoint them. – theraccoonrobot

Frosted flakes.

Any frosted flakes, whether that’s Kellogg’s or other brands, are exactly the same. I know because I work in the packing factory and is responsible for changing the boxes. – crochetprozac

Corporate safety culture.

They don’t exist to protect you, but the company from lawsuits when an injury happened. – packpeach

DOD spending.

I work for a US military contractor and a Romanian. The DOD spending is insane; I once sold them a 240 hex nuts bag for $9000. I got them for only $25. That is really bad because, to them, the more they shell out, the better it is. – irdumitru

Donation to big corporations.

Don’t donate to Taco Bell, Petsmart, or other big companies as they do it to write off the tax. They make customers donate as it allows them to pay less tax and make more yearly profit. You should just donate directly. – infinitealchemics


You make content for journals like Science and Nature, but not without paying them. Scientists who do the peer review process do it for free, yet you won’t get papers if you don’t participate. Which means you won’t get funding and die from starvation. – miss_micropipette



The cleanest place in the hospital, but other than that, the whole place is filled with germs everywhere. – NinjaMcAwes0me

The truth about competitions.

The Voice, American Idol, and other similar competitions are not real, and your votes don’t actually matter. The show has pre-determined the flow and can even make their contestants fail by giving them songs they can’t sing. The contracts are things you cannot refuse. I’m a professional musician and have heard this from friends who participated. – LooksLikeTreble617

Made with love.

Your food is not made with love, but by a stressed out cook who’s either swearing or getting sworn at. – iliveliberty

Funeral homes.


Funeral homes are businesses with people ready to take advantage of grieving people. The biggest lie is the cremation boxes that are just big cardboard boxes reaching over $1000. The directors will say things like ‘Grandma would be more comfortable in this.” No, she’s dead and you’ll just end up burning them. – Anonymous

Outlet products.

Products sold in factory outlets are not ‘cast-offs’. They are actually lesser quality products made by designers and manufacturers at a cheaper price. – CheeseWarden

Starbucks sustainable.

Nope, Starbucks don’t recycle things. These recycling bins all end up in the dump because Starbucks doesn’t have the facility. – princesscupcakes69


Cooks don’t wear gloves in the kitchen because they actually cause germs and filth to spread even easier. Washing your hands regularly is much more effective and hygienic. Gloves are simply illusions to make them appear professional. – TheApathyParty2

Airport business.

Flight attendants and pilots are not paid when they are delayed. They don’t make money during boarding and deplaning as well. – boozeandarrows


Psychologists choose their job because they are insane. That’s not a joke because I’ve worked closely with a lot of forensic psychologists for years and it’s true. – silver_fawn

Animator job.

Animators are treated like craps by animation studios and game companies, making barely anything, yet working so hard ‘because of the love for the job’. They get away easy because the line for this job is long at a AAA studio. – TheArtofDoingScience



We mark up prices for everything at a wedding industry because we know people will splurge on them. – Yung_chode69

Olive oil.


I work at an olive oil bottling in Rome, New York, and have over 27 different types of Olive oil. All of them contain the exact same, one type of olive oil. From the ones that are ‘aged and imported’ to ‘extra virgin’ or ‘cold-pressed’, they are the same oil. They can be priced from $30 for 12 oz to $12 for 128 oz. – phillytwilliams


Doctors are experts in health and medicine… and only that. They really have no time to learn about other things but their own field. – dinglenutspaywall

Wine isn’t vegan.

Yep, you read that right. Wine is not vegan or even vegetarian, depending on the fining process. Egg whites are used, something isinglass that contains fish parts are also included. People who think they’re vegan and lucky they can still have wine? Well, I still have to sell it to them, so I couldn’t tell them. – phinnaeusmaximus

Mobile Homes.

Workers mass-produce these affordable mobile homes barely got paid a penny. They don’t care if the homes are safe or adhere to the code, nor are they supervised when they work. As a HUD admin, I had to do many inspections, so we don’t get fined by the fire marshal, on top of so many overlooked issues. – TheMudbloodSlytherin

Animal hospitals.


I work in the ER of an animal hospital. When you check that resuscitate box, we work hard to revive that animal, from 15 minutes chest compressions to intubating and using reviving drugs. We take it seriously, but it never brings back an animal longer than for their owner to say their goodbyes.

Please don’t check that box, we also fight a losing battle, and I am also a DNR as I don’t want ER staff to go through another painful attempt. – emptysee


A registered nurse will almost always have a blacklist of doctors they want to avoid at all costs during emergencies. This is why you really need to choose your doctor wisely. – heftyhotsauce

Starbucks drinks.

You want your coffee decaffeinated? Just piss off a Starbucks barista. – rileygrr