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25 Mysterious Objects People Couldn’t Understand And Had To Ask The Internet


25 Mysterious Objects People Couldn’t Understand And Had To Ask The Internet

From old fire alarms to a bent fork.

From time to time, we often encounter things we don’t understand the function of. That is, of course, normal. Many tools and objects are made with very specific purposes that one may not immediately understand what they are for.

In our new list of weird things, you may be able to find the answer to them. As always, the Internet is always prepared to give the answers.

Found in a crawlspace of a house from the 80’s next to 3 red boxes encased in concrete. Authorities came to check and it was radiation-free and were probably chests for keeping valuables.


This unusual spoon is the ‘proper’ soup spoon.


This spoon with filter on one end is a bombilla. It’s a straw for drinking mate.


Cranking lifts this pan 1/2 inch before dropping it down. It’s a casagrande cup to test Atterberg limits.


Weird squirming living nightmare. Apparently it’s a caterpillar that turns into a moth, those are false arms to replicate dead leaves and it’s on its back.


This sink in a washroom of London. It’s a vintage soap dispenser.


Found this at the thrift store and has something to do with baking. It is a pastry cutter for docking more than cutting.


Saw this at an estate sale, an antique clock that has lost its face.


A specific type of hammer, from my work at a College in Scotland. It’s a blacksmith hammer with a diagonal peen.


This metal inlay on the room shelf is to put keys near the front door so it doesn’t scratch the wood.


Got this weird fork at a Tokyo restaurant. It’s a special fork to pull lumps of food off skewers.


Found on Guam in shallow water. 3-meter diameter disk.It is the Payload Fairing Cap or a Propellant tank cap from a Chinese Long March Rocket.


three wooden poles with chains with a space in the middle. Apparently, a bear likes to steal trash cans here, so these are supposed to be prevention. The bear won, obviously.

Bought for $1 and looks like a nesting doll. It’s a darning egg to store threads, hence the spirals.


Found while clearing yard with WW2 history. Weighs about 6 lbs. EOD confirms it’s a UXO or unexploded ordnance, possibly a MK 1 shrapnel round.


Me and my parents found this in our backyard earlier today (it reads “do not enter poison gas”) it’s on a circular concrete thing. It’s a septic tank lid.


Installed at an Airbnb, definitely not for bikes. It’s actually a kayak or surfboard holder.


A funny-shaped case that is actually meant for hats.


This really old wooden box bought in Corbridge, UK. It’s a primitive tinder box before matches were invented. People would start open fire here.


A safety pin and the rest below it are collar pins.


This is a sipping cup for mineral water, very famous in spa town Karlovy Vary.


This red box just hanging in the basement with a battery inside. It’s an old fire alarm.


This 4000lbs object on flatbeds in Washington is actually a counterweight for a crane.


This thing costs $2 made of brass, steel blade with the washer. It’s a chamfer spokeshave for woodworking.


This purple sky in Southern California seen at 1:30am and lasted for only about 5 minutes before fading away. Light for commercial plant farmers like tomatoes or weed.


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