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20 Mysterious Things People Found Didn’t Know Their Purpose Of, They Had To Ask The Internet


20 Mysterious Things People Found Didn’t Know Their Purpose Of, They Had To Ask The Internet

Weapons of mass destruction? Horrible torture devices?!

As human begins civilization, they learn and craft tools and items that help make life easier. Unlike modern technology, however, humans used to deal with unusual contraptions, the kind that we don’t see people use anymore. That’s why when we discovered them, these things seem so darn weird.

But no worries – Greenlemon are compiling the questions together with the answers. If you find one laying around your house, who knows, the answers might lurk inside this list! There is more to see on this list as well!

1. Found this metal spiked thing at an antique store. Turns out to be a roast or ham holder that is supposed to be mounted to a cutting board.

© z_Dax_z / reddit

2. Picked up an online order of shoes and got this tube. It appears to be a special device that helps display the shoes.

© mishapjones / reddit

3. This belt contraption on a Chevy Bolt is a homegrown charging system that allows it tow mobile home and charge its own battery.

© rhinnaflor / reddit

4. This is a white elephant gift, a Himalayan calendar. From the outmost ring, it reads month, days (2 rows), and years (4 rows).

© doctor_no_one / reddit

5. Got this as a wedding gift and gifter wouldn’t tell. It’s a cheese holder that lets one slice without handling the block.

© badwhiskey63 / reddit

6. This cooking pot has lid that comes apart. It’s a water bath to steam things and the lid can be adjusted for a tight fit.

© ClaimedBeauty / reddit

7. Ruler with numbered buttons. This tool is used to weigh letters.

© NugoKnowsBest / reddit

8. This mysterious object found on a random yard sale in Germany. It’s just a sprayer attachment on a vacuum cleaner.

© Maggotmaine / reddit

9. This box was patented in 1889 and is over 100 years old. There’s a series of pegs and some of them are numbered and some are fork-shaped. This is a Singer sewing machine.

© person253 / reddit

10. Got this as a birthday gift. It’s a banksia pod and is an essential oil diffuser.

© frnk55 / reddit

11. This is an old-push dagger for self-defense.

© grindaxe / reddit

12. The bauble seems to be hollow and its stick looks like a ruler. It’s an old hydrometer that was used to determine alcohol level in a drink.

© udgemysocks / reddit

13. This utensil’s slit is dull. It’s called a Feuerzangenbowle to make punk by putting a rum-soaked sugar on top and heating it up. The sweet drops then fall into the drink.

© gingerking87 / reddit

14. It’s most probably silver. A spoon/fork handle.


15. Found in grandpa’s possession and the back is blank. It appears to be a department store credit change card token.

© XC_Griff / reddit

16. This small room on the peak of an old barn is a nesting area for barn owls. They eat rodents.

© talazws / reddit

17. Found it hidden on a shelf in the house. It’s a microsonic grenade and is a one-time grenade that creates painful, damaging, noise as high as 110-115 decibels.

© donteatthatbaby / reddit

19. A heavy metal object which is actually a medal with a broken eyelet.

© rakaab / reddit

19. Dad had it for years but doesn’t know what it’s for. This is actually for ravioli.

© Bb_oi / reddit

20. Inherited a giant wrench that weighs over 30+ pounds. It’s totally functional and meant for big pipelines like oil pipes.

© map-6346 / reddit

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