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25 Hilariously Cute Animal Fails To Make Your Day A Little Happier


25 Hilariously Cute Animal Fails To Make Your Day A Little Happier

Definitely will make your day better.

Animals are such wondrous creatures that function in unique ways. Each species has different characteristics and habits. Some have superior eyesight while others, despite having very poor eyesight, are equipped with excellent hearing or smelling sense. It’s always a blessing to be able to get close and know more about them.

But even so, animals make clumsy mistakes from time to time. Just like humans, sometimes they get too excited and slip while running. Others seem to be overdramatic with a situation we know they’ll safely get out from. Really cute!

Swallow trying to swallow another swallow.


This seal just ran into the glass.


My fat hamster got stuck in the tube.


No, don’t let me go!


A ferret that never thought the paper roll would fight back.


This is a manatee, in case you don’t know.


Flying cat.

This fat ground squirrel can’t fit into his cave’s tunnel.

Gerhard Kummer

Yeah, I’ll just yeet myself out.

Not even close!

Baby panda faceplanting.

Visual China Group

Very hungry boy.

Geez, talking about cannibalism!

Phil Lanoue

A visual representation of girlfriend when you forgot to reply her 31st text.


Such an optimistic goose.


Panda and snowman, 0:2.

Toronto Zoo

How could this day got worse, he asked.

Tom Stables


Andy Kovac

He made an effort.

That cat can’t believe the ridiculous situation she’s in.


Mom took this picture of a deer slipping on ice.

Double corgi flop.

Animal Planet

It looked green.

Mouse on Mission Impossible: Cheese Protocol.


One would say this pigeon was… in-bread.

Jaroslaw Porzezinski

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