25 Hilarious Times Japanese Take Halloween To The Next Level

25 Hilarious Times Japanese Take Halloween To The Next Level

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Not everyone is mentally prepared to go all out for Halloween. In fact, in Japan, ‘Jimi Halloween’ is an event that is celebrated annually and invites people to participate in Halloween. There is one rule: people may not dress up as any celebrity, anime characters, or cartoon characters.

They are to come and appear as your average Japanese. Jimi Halloween (地味ハロウィン) itself means ‘mundane Halloween.’ This was started by a small group from Daily Portal Z in 2014 which, was influenced by their wish to participate, but they’re too shy to dress up. To this day, it has turned into a big event with hundreds of attendees every year.

We’ve found the top 25 of specific daily-life situations that are boring but hilarious.

1. Store manager in training.

2. Owning a pen with ink stain.

3. Photographer assistant for children photography.

4. The woman whose glasses keep getting fogged up from hot drinks.

5. The dream job: Panda caretaker.

6. The woman who forgets to take out the trash.

7. Banksy that uses the remote control to turn on the shredder.

8. The man that came to work site immediately from the head office.

9. Literally every e-sport player in group photos.

10. That person that gets a shopping cart for a small item.

11. And then that person who regrets not getting one after realizing the long line.

12. That person who’s wake up by Amazon Delivery.

13. That person that wipes their hands on their clothes after washing their hands.

14. The woman who won 5th prize at company bingo (those are Umaibo).

15. Beauty YouTuber that reviews all lipstick colors.

16. Escalator handrails’ cleaner.

17. That woman who has to go to work even on holidays.

18. A woman who’s all about organic and is actually malnourished.

19. That friend who came to BBQ without the intention of helping out.

20. Someone in the middle of making a pair of glasses.

21. A customer who’s often mistaken as the store clerk at the optician.

22. That person who’s about to win the game in ‘old maid’.

23. That person who only has Nike shoes.

24. The man who can’t find a cockroach when he went to look for weapons, and now he can’t sleep.

25. The man that face-swapped with a Starbucks logo.