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24 Times People Placed Blind Orders Online And Failed Hilariously


24 Times People Placed Blind Orders Online And Failed Hilariously

Didn’t expect it to be hella good, but at least…

No matter how scary online shopping is, people can’t seem to stop themselves from browsing and clicking that buy button. Some people love the dopamine surge when the doorbell rings and they greet the delivery man with your ordered item.

But really, these experiences are surely the ones that will teach people how to shop online. Cheap products with great pictures are often red flags for scams and it gets worse when you’re ordering from a site or seller that doesn’t guarantee nor provides a refund.

Here are 16 hilarious moments when people got hilariously disappointed with their online orders.

1. Bought a UK size 8 for a cool party… Fits the dog better.

© Callie_conway1 / twitter

2. When you ordered a dress from PLT and it only fits ONE of your legs.

© meg_howells98 / twitter

3. Who is meant to wear this?

© Keo_Manne / twitter

4. Winter is coming and someone’s angry.

© Malibutwo / reddit

5. Tryna looks sexy, not ridiculously stupid.

© Xashleigh_ / twitter

6. Stylish, but definitely disappointing.

© Tzl1337 / reddit

7. Bought in size 8 and could only fit her 4-year-old daughter.

© Kirstyfruitz / twitter

8. Cool pajamas look like it’s tired of life.

© funny_spirit / reddit 

9. Black’s a bi- Oh…

© Kritzelkrieger / reddit

10. Meanwhile, there are tall girls out there having issues finding the right pair of jeans.

© NatalieJNorton / twitter

11. Purchasing leggings online be like:

© Roses88 / reddit

12. Why would anyone relies on online orders for wedding dress we’ll never know.

© tragicomisch / reddit

13. It’s… still a scary mask.

© Russel-Nordeman / reddit

14. The way they tried to copy the design, but failed miserably at it.

© daguywitdafce / reddit

15. It’s a slim fit, for a growing 10-year-old boy, that is.

© Jasonfrost3425 / reddit

16. Designers don’t know how the head works.

© OliviaSkuce / twitter

17. How can I go out like this?

18. Carpet or napkin!

19. Mask not even fits on the forehead!

20. 6.5 feet teddy’s 4 feet leg!!

21. Vest or Skrit!

22. Need a microscope!

23. Seriously?

24. “I’ll never order online again…”

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