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24 Times Cats Surprised Us With Their Acts Of Heroism


24 Times Cats Surprised Us With Their Acts Of Heroism

They are true heroes.

Men have long labeled dogs as men’s bestfriend due to their loyal attitude. They are also easy to teach commands and follow you to the end of the world as long as you show them, love. Cats are the lesser favored pet, known to be pretty indifferent to their owners and harder to teach commands.

But Green Lemon found out that there are many cats who’ve shown acts of heroism even when they were only stray cats. They even viciously fight off pit bulls despite the odds, runs through fire to save their kittens and help their human owners survive the terminal illness.

1. Masha kept abandoned baby warm and meowed for attention during cold weather.


2. Tara the hero whose body-slammed a pit bull attacking his owner’s son.

3. Scarlett rushed into the fire to save her kittens and suffered severe burns.

Karen Wellen

4. Smudge chased off bullies who were teasing his owner, a 5-year-old boy.

Cats Protection

5. Pwditat becomes the eyes of a blind Labrador Retriever, Tervel.

Wales News Service

6. Tom, a 24-year-old cat who found a neck lump from stage 3 cancer on his owner.


7. Homer the blind cat, fought off a house burglar.

Homer Blind WonderCat

8. Pudding is a Maine Coon mix who saved her owner from diabetic seizure by running to her son to get help the day she was adopted.

Purina Pro Plan

9. Koshka helped Sgt. Jesse Knott fights off suicidal thoughts.

10. Dr. Leon Advogato, the only cattorney in OAB who became a push to launch an animal rights institute.


11. Luna saved a family of 8 from fire.


12. Jessi-cat helped Lorcal Dillon who had selective mutism (anxiety that makes him hard to express himself at times) found his voice back.


13. Tiger fought off 4 pit bulls and saved her 97-year-old owner.


14. Tommy reportedly called 911 and saved his owner who fell from high blood pressure.

Dwight Sipler (not the actual photo)

15. Blake gnawed at his owner, Glen Schallman, who had a rare brain disease and saved him from his seizures.

Brandon Wade/AP Images for PetSmart, Inc.

16. Schnautzie the smart black cat saved his owner from a gas leak.

Ryan Hall / Great Falls Tribune

17. Missy sensed cancerous cells in her owner’s body and kept pawing her chest until she got herself checked.


18. Faith, in 1940, insisted to stay in the cellar with her kittens and survived air raid.


19. Rusty sensed his owner’s heart attack, who’s a nurse.


20. Sally saved his 49-year-old from a house fire.

IBTimes UK

21. Simon the exterminator and motivator of HMS Amethyst who helped the crew stave off depression.


22. Charley won National Cat Awards in 2012 after saving his owner from Hypoglycemia.

23. Tom the hero cat found food for starving British troops.

National Army Museum, London

24. Slinky Malinky scratched, meowed and annoyed her neighbor’s dog to ask for help as her owner fell into a morphine-induced coma.


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