23 Hilariously Bad Celebrity Portraits By Tw1tter Picasso

23 Hilariously Bad Celebrity Portraits By Tw1tter Picasso

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The bad form of art has found its way into different social media platforms. It’s quite captivating and even more hilarious, with celebrities being the inspiration for awful portraits. Thanks to Ballpoint Papi, widely known as Tw1tter Picasso, we all have been granted the opportunity to see terrible portraits come to life.

Ballpoint Papi is dubbed the greatest artist of today’s generation as his drawings’ outcome can’t be imagined or perhaps predicted. Using only ballpoint/simple pen and paper, Picasso’s portraits can be terrifying, but you indeed will find them hilarious. 

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With 232K followers on Instagram, the Australian artist hilariously sketches portraits of athletes, hip-hop artists, actors, actresses, and other pop-personalities. At first glance, the drawings appear childlike, and despite their terrible quality, there’s always an expressive part of the celebrities’ features.

For Picasso, one best thing about his creativity is when people struggling with life come to his page and get to laugh-out-loud. So here, we’ve compiled Picasso’s latest, and we hope they give you a happy moment amid a hard time. Enjoy the ironically terrible-yet-hilarious artworks!

The Weeknd


Billie Eilish

Cardi B

Jadem Smith

The Rock

Will Smith

John Legend

Taylor Swift

Wiz Khalifa

Kanye West

Lady Gaga

Ariana Grande

Kendall Jenner

Logan Paul

Snoop Dogg

Justin Timberlake

Anthony Davis

Post Malone

Justin Bieber

Billie Eilish